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De Gillett

Colour In Your Life De Gillett

Colour in Your Life featured artist De Gillett appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Five (5)

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De Gillett is a creature of invention and re-invention, in her artistic practice and beyond. Over the last decade, she has developed her own techniques of building highly textured canvases, flooded with the luminous transparency of inks. Obsessed with layering, her works build slowly to their completion from opaquely solid underlayers, through patterning and drawing into the surface, and finishing with layer upon layer of transparent flowing inks and glazes.

Inspired by the writings of Walter Pater, who exhorts us all to celebrate the beauty in everything, especially in art, De strives to build her own “hard, gem-like flame” of enthusiasm for life and make work that shares her positivity and celebration of abundance with the world. Knowing the transcendence Art brings into her own life, De works hard at opening those doors for her many students.

With her life and business partner Graham Cox, De Gillett is a driving force at Arts Tree, the business they have created and run at Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia since February 2013. Arts Tree is primarily a dedicated studio classroom, offering art lessons to adult students in Acrylics, Pastel, Mixed Media and Drawing. Utilising Graham’s skills as a film-maker, De is also currently deeply embedded in recording her self-developed techniques with inks, acrylics, analytical drawing and oils, to produce a series of Instructional Reference DVDs available through Arts Tree. The first DVD- Instructional Reference Series #1- Beginning with Inks, is now available at

De Gillett completed her Bachelor of Fine Art at The Queensland College of Art, Griffith University in 2012 (Majoring in Printmaking, minors in Drawing and Art Theory). Having understood from her 3 year total immersion in the world of QCA that concept and ideas have primacy in the contemporary art world; leaving technical skill languishing, forgotten and dismissed, De has set out to redress that imbalance at Arts Tree. Delighting in making work which is conceptually deep, and also accessible to the observer in terms of perceptible skill and aesthetic beauty, De continues to push the boundaries of what is technically possible, archivally sound, and enriching to both the maker and the viewer.

You can contact De Gillett directly via her website at


Episode: S05E09

Original Air Date: 8th September 2013

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  1. MrsHobbs on November 18, 2015 at 6:21 am

    One of the most inspirational visuals in unbridled color creations! De had me at “hello.” I want to be like her when I grow up. She has also inspired me to finish an art program. If she can do it…me, too.

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