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David Woodford

David Woodford meets Graeme Stevenson on Colour In your Life

Colour in Your Life featured artist David Woodford appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Fifteen (15)

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David Woodford’s work, is the result of enquiry, meticulous drawings and precise plein-air studies on location in all weathers. David trained at the Royal Academy Schools. His work addresses the wild places of Snowdonia in all moods and his portrayal of the subtle lighting and atmosphere of the mountains and vales of Snowdonia has never been matched.

His expertise is grounded in working on location in all weathers. The studio paintings that result are the culmination of this succession and usually take many years to refine and complete. This method has been commented upon as continuing ‘Ruskin’s’ approach (‘Truth to Nature’).

David Woodford’s daily endeavour is to create a potent mark, in an age of conceptual contradictions in the art world. He believes in pure observation as a comprehensive means of ensuring the intellectual integrity and sound, sustained worth of art.

David Woodford is now regarded as one of Britain’s finest landscape painters with over 8000 of his original works in private collections. He works in all mediums, however he has gained greatest acclaim for powerful oil landscapes and exceptional pencil drawings.

David himself stresses the importance of having an excellent grounding in painting and drawing portraiture and still life as an essential means of understanding form and the depiction of light, which once mastered is transferred directly to the essential mechanisms deployed to paint landscape.

You can contact the artist about their art tips or art techniques directly via their website at

Episode: S15E13

Original Air Date: 25th October 2017

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