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David Taylor

Colour In your Life David Taylor

Featured artist David Taylor appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Eight (8). Read a little bit about the artist here and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

David Taylor is a world-renowned watercolor artist, well known for teaching and services to the arts. Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1941, David’s early career began in etching and a 6-year apprenticeship at the North Melbourne Printing School of Graphic Arts to color etching assisted in his future career as an artist. Many hand skills were learned such as hand engraving, lino and woodcutting, as well as etching with zinc, copper, and magnesium, later etching on film in lithography.

Since the sixties David has been expanding his own painting career in watercolor, using all that he has learned to teach painters both in Australia and overseas. David is also involved in regular tutorials for the Australian and International Artist magazine.

Numerous achievements include over one hundred awards in watercolor, including the Herald Sun Best Of Show Gold Medal Award at The Camberwell Rotary Exhibition 2002, a silver medal in 1976, and a Silver Award in 2007. David won the prestigious Victorian Artists Society Artist Of The Year Award in 1976, 1980, and again in 1989. That same year, David received the Distinguished Leadership Award for outstanding services to watercolor and teaching from the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership and a certificate of merit for distinguished service to the community.

David’s works are regularly represented in numerous public and private collections worldwide, with regular exhibitions happening in several Australian states, England, the Channel Islands, and Stockholm. He has held regular one-man exhibitions of his work since 1975. In each exhibition, David expresses his joy of working freely on location and his love of spontaneity, shape, light, and color.

‘As we journey through life there are changes to our lives and to the world we live in. My passion to express myself through my painting remains constant, the experiences are often challenging, moving, and uplifting. Capturing the essence of the subject as a fleeting moment in time requires speed of hand to achieve the spontaneity I like to record… the light in its many guises and drama of fleeting impressions are important factors when I am viewing this special world that is ours to be a part of. In a personal way, I am writing my diary through my work which endeavors to express my interests, my experiences, and the place I find myself connected to at any given time.’ ~ David Taylor

You can contact David Taylor directly via his website

Episode: S08E02

Original Air Date: 27th July 2014

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