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Clair Bremner

Clair Bremner Colour In Your Life

Featured artist Clair Bremner appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Fourteen (14). Read a little bit about the artist here and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

Clair Bremner’s goal is to create artworks that are visually beautiful, calming and organic. Her paintings are highly decorative, however, she feels they also serve as a reflection of the beauty and complexity that nature provides.

Clair likes to create art for real people to go into real homes that are a visual feast for the eyes and will be enjoyed for generations to come. She is primarily inspired by the natural tangle of vegetation that can be found everywhere near her home in the Yarra Valley. Her paintings are both a direct reflection of her surroundings and an imaginary world – a secret garden that exists in her mind. A whimsical place she can go to escape and be lost within. Clair begins with a combination of splashes, bleeds and runs in different colours that she then combines with finer details of foliage.

She uses the repetition of brush strokes and natural motifs to create a consistent rhythm within the painting, which helps to create order in the chaos of colour. The contrast between the broad strokes and fine details creates texture and depth in the pieces.

Clair’s colour palate is governed by her mood and the general feeling she wants to create within each painting. She generally works with analogous colours combinations because she feels they best reflect the natural harmony of nature, the subtle warm or cool changes of the seasons and foliage provide endless inspiration. However, she is not afraid of colour and often experiments with combinations that are not usually traditionally associated with nature and landscapes.

Working spontaneously and rarely beginning with a set plan in mind, Clair lets each painting evolve intuitively as she builds each layer of paint. She works quickly to begin with, which is why she prefers to work with faster drying acrylic paints. Each piece is then finished off with a layer of gloss varnish to enhance the colours and depth and also protect the surface of the painting.

Clair is happy to take on commissions; you can contact Clair directly via her website at

Episode: 1402

Original Air Date: 5th October 2016

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  1. poartryinme on October 9, 2016 at 2:51 am

    Too fun. Love you work!

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