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Christine Broersen

Christine Broersen meets Sophia Stacey

Colour in Your Life featured artist Christine Broersen appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Fifteen (15)

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Christine Broersen has been painting for many years and doing art in one shape or form all of her life. Christine has vivid memories of drawing with chalk on a slate board or with pencil on any blank piece of paper or cardboard she could find.

When Christine Broersen was about four she remembers taking empty soft drink bottles to the corner shop and exchanging them for a new stick of chalk. She was in awe of the box of beautifully coloured tapered sticks. Her favourite colour was red, and she can still remember it as the shop keeper carefully slipped it into the new white lolly bag. Oh what a memory and that’s why for the past 23 years Christine Broersen has worked exclusively in pastel.
She still feels like a kid in a lolly shop when she stands in front of the rows of beautifully coloured pastels.

Out of necessity Christine taught herself, due to the commitment of raising five children.
Her first was born in 1974 and her last was born in 1995. During those years Christine never found enough free time for formal lessons, and had never been lucky enough to find a mentor to guide her, so she fumbled along over the years happily enjoying the accidental discoveries that pastels have shown her.

Christine Broersen’s works are exquisitely delicate and a wonder to look upon and that shopkeeper deserves a round of applause for enabling an artist to follow her dream.

You can contact the artist about their art tips or art techniques directly via their website

Episode: S15E03

Original Air Date: 3rd May 2017

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