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Cherie Medway

Colour in Your Life featured artist Cherie Medway appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty Three (23).

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Cherie Medway is a multi media artist based in Melbourne. She likes to explore a range of topics from portraits, landscapes, cityscapes and figurative works with a particular interest in fusing the female form with flowers in an abstract interpretation of our co-existence with nature. 

Cherie grew up loving all things creative and art was definitely one of those things. Her mother was a traditional sign writer and artist and her father a musician. She did ballet from the age of 4 and art was her favourite subject at school.where she would hang out int he art rooms every moment she could. 

Then something happened. She was marked for her final assignment and in her own eyes it didn’t seem to be a very good mark. In hindsight she has no idea what anyone else got that year but in her own mind she accepted an idea that perhaps art was not for her after all and she turned her back on it. 

Other creative pursuits filled the void, working in television advertising for 10+ years, singing lessons which resulted in 15 years of performing in bands and musicals and releasing an album of 13 original songs plus a short stint in live radio. All of this while also becoming a wife and mother to two very talented children in their own right. Life was busy and she was happy. 

In 2012 the family moved to Melbourne and Cherie had to leave all of her creative things behind. Within 3 years she was battling depression. 

In a moment of desperation she decided to pick up the brushes again. Just for something to do. It was like coming home. The spark turned into a fire. 

With no formal art training she found other artists to learn from, some in person, some online and others by purchasing their training systems. Starting with acrylics which she was already familiar with, she found artists who did work she liked and learnt their techniques soon expanding into oils and soft pastel. She discovered that when she tried to apply the techniques she was learning though they would always come out in their own way. No matter how much she tried to wrangle them into submission it didn’t matter. That was when she realised she had her own style and that she just needed to embrace it. She also felt that these paintings seemed to know what they wanted to be and her job was to get out of the way. She attributes this realisation to finding her artistic voice. It was at this point that her ladies really showed up. 

Her signature style is affectionately called “Ladies in the Flowers”. What started off as a simple idea of us being one with our environment has evolved into a collection of works that embody nurturing, kindness, empowerment, peace and hopeful optimism. It is how she feels creating them. She feels the female form is representative of all of those things. Women give life, they nurture, they grow, they renew. The World needs more of that. Flowers are a symbol of the beauty that kind of focus creates. 

3 years later Cherie had a big enough body of work to hold her first Solo Exhibition entitled “Symbiosis” with the majority of the feedback being that the room was filled with a sense of peace and hope. 

In her mind these ladies have come to her and it is her responsibility and privilege to bring them to the World. Her process is intuitive in that an idea starts to form and she 

lets it roll around in her mind until eventually something presents itself as the ultimate inspiration. She uses technology to play with ideas and images until the combination she is looking for jumps off the screen and fills her heart with anticipation. 

The creative process from there is one of surrender. She paints what she sees, adjusting as her eye sees fit all the while trusting the process and her own ability. Sometimes it’s slow and meticulous, other times it’s fast and flowing. Sometimes it’s informed by the music she’s listening too, the temperature, or just how she got out of bed that day. She has given up trying to define her process too much because she’s not even fully sure she understands it herself sometimes. She just has to be feeling it. 

She believes technique is important and it is good to learn as much as you can but it’s also vital to know and accept that your own unique style will always shine through. This is a good thing. Once you embrace that you will be gifted your best work. 

Her favourite self quote is: “Me creating Art I love is not about you. You loving Art I create is not about Me.” Instead it’s an authentic mutually beneficial experience. 

Recently she has started experimenting more with metallic leaf and is hoping soon to turn her 4 Greek Goddesses into statues. 

From humble exploratory beginnings, Cherie Medway now follows her path with unwavering conviction. She is now a multi award winning artist who is represented in multiple galleries and online with Artworks residing in private collections all over the country. She is also a proud member of Melbourne and Victorian Artists (MAVA) which she says is one of the most inclusive and supportive art related groups she has ever encountered. 

She truly hopes that this inspires any budding artists to take the leap and discover their own artistic voice and then share it everywhere because the World needs it now more than ever. 

For more of Cherie Medway’s work, see her website here.

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Episode: S23E05

Original Air Date: 22nd April 2022

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