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Celia Moriarty

Celia Moriarty and Graeme Stevenson on the set of Virtual CIYL

Featured artist Celia Moriarty appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty Two (22).

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Celia Moriarty loved art when she was growing up and was invited to the Royal South Australian as a teenager.  Then, however, life intervened and she had to earn a living.  It wasn’t until Celia was over 50 that the call to art brought her back. 

A friend booked her into a mystery sketching tour of Melbourne and she was hooked. Celia knew straight away that she wanted to paint what she loved – Australian plants. From her paintings, she made Australian gifts for her corporate clients that flew around the world.

From showing the beauty of Australian flora to entice people to use more Australian natives in their garden, to portrait projects acknowledging excellence and highlighting the need for action and change, painting is the medium Celia uses to engage what matters to her. Celia Moriarty wants to create art to inspire others to see the beauty and to want more of it in the world.

In 2018 after some serendipitous events that lead her to a portraiture course with Robyn Eley, Celia painted a series of Aboriginal Australians who bring their culture into their work ‘Keys To Our Country’. Celia wanted to create positive conversations about what is working in Aboriginal Australia. It is important to applaud those who are teaching the broader community about Aboriginal culture as it is only through working together that we can build a stronger future. The project raised funds for Yalari, who connect rural Aboriginal students to leading education, and was hung for 10 Months at Deloitte Melbourne.

In 2019 another subject close to Celia’s heart was explored through the ‘Leading Women’s Profile’ portrait series. Australia’s ASX 200 had only 6% of women CEOs in 2018. This motivated Celia to tell that story, by painting a series of portraits of leading women. She asked each of the women what their 3 key success factors were, in order to spark conversation about what is working. The portraits were presented at the Rotary Women’s International Women’s Day Breakfast 2019 at Crown Casino and then exhibited at Deloitte Melbourne. March 8 – Apr 8, 2019. They were sold to raise funds for vulnerable youth – Bridge of Hope.

Throughout this time Celia Moriarty continues to present exhibitions of Australian native flora and teach acrylic painting. She sang at the opening of her last solo exhibition with my friend Gordon Harvey on double bass as she can’t separate the arts – if you get a group together there should singing!  Gordon writes the music for Celia’s time-lapse videos and online course.

Celia Moriarty’s successful business as a communication facilitator for many years dealing with issue resolution and business pitching taught her that people can achieve amazing things when they use step-by-step processes. Breaking ideas into bite-sized chunks, and making information logical and simple might seem obvious, but it is a game-changer. So it is with learning and creativity. Understanding how the brain engages with the creative process can help unlock your internal artist. Celia’s method as an art teacher is to help people find confidence through process. Once you know more about how you connect with the creative process you understand more about your own purpose.

You can contact Celia Moriarty about her art tips or art techniques and online courses directly via her website at

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Episode: S22E02

Original Air Date: 25th September 2020

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