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Brandon Wockner

Colour in Your Life featured artist Brandon Wockner appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty Three (23).

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Brandon Wockner is a 29 year old, self-taught artist living in Toowoomba, Queensland.  Art is one of the few things Brandon can honestly say he is truly passionate about. To Brandon, it is purity in a raw form and allows an escapism he hadn’t ever thought possible.

Brandon began painting in 2016 after his father passed away. He was incredibly depressed and thinks that if he hadn’t found an outlet in painting, he would not be here today. This changed how he began to view the world, and consequently, within his art he attempts to make it more mystical and hopeful.

Currently Brandon works in an operating theatre at the local public hospital. His dream is to be able to paint full time and he wants to encourage others who may be interested, to pursue the craft themselves. It allows free expression and self-reflection that has helped turn Brandon into the person he is today.

Brandon Wockner paints spontaneously onto the canvas, and as the creation starts to reveal itself he begins to create a scene. A scene, he hopes, that reflects a more hopeful and tranquil world. Brandon truly loves the expression of painting and the freedom that it allows.  Brandon primarily uses acrylics to create dream-like wonder; a place to day dream that takes you away from the reality you’re currently in.

Interestingly, Brandon never really had an interest in painting at a young age. He wanted to be an electrician – something about electric motors fascinated him. He would buy the cheap remote control cars and pull them apart and reassemble them.  Needless to say, most of his assignments at school where on Nikola Tesla if he could swing it. He did however enjoy making models of houses with thatched roofs and limestone walls. It was Brandon’s mother who got him into craft, as she was heavily involved in doll making and paper toll. Brandon was very lost, and when he began painting it actually encouraged his mother to do the same – he hasn’t seen her happier. 

Brandon Wockner finds the act of discovery and developing a scene quite inspirational, and this experimentation and journey can kind of feed into itself.  Brandon has a love for antiques and the journeys they’ve taken and places they’ve been,  but when he’s painting he also loves to have an album, audio book, movie or TV show running in the background.  He loves to paint nature in all its glory, and believes there is nothing more magnificent than plants.  Brandon creates spontaneous, ethereal landscapes and is enjoying his painting journey immensely!

Materials Used In This Episode:

Wild hog Fan brush 3 inch and 1.5 inch
1 inch flat brush
1 0/1 Taklon Liner

Canvas 60x90x3.5

Arteza Acrylic Paints-
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Mid Yellow
Scarlet Red

Brandon Wockner will be exhibiting at RME Downlands Art Exhibition 16-24 September 2022. 

For more of Brandon’s artwork, see his website here.

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Episode: S23E10

Original Air Date: 22nd July 2022

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