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Things will work out!

AS the Covid 19 pandemic hits its 3rd or 4th month many of us are still in a state of fear, flux, and uncertainty.

It is a long time since humans have seen a pandemic of this proportion, if ever, and never with the current conditions.

Whilst in Australia the case numbers are dropping, in the US, and many other countries, case numbers are still growing. This means citizens are still in lockdown, many unable to leave their homes and carry on their normal work and entertainment life. Friends and families are separated and births deaths and marriages are being celebrated in limited and new ways. The mental health of many of our people is being challenged.

I know for myself it feels difficult to plan for the future or even for the next few months. It is a time of constantly changing directions and reorientation.

Although we have all these struggles, we are blessed in many ways. This morning I drafted a quick list of the many things to be grateful for today.

I am grateful that:

  • we have high-speed internet so that we can communicate easier than ever with friends and family via video calls, sending images and messages.
  • we can purchase what we like online and have it delivered.
  • we have hospitals and support workers who have access to sterilized equipment, knowledge, and resources to help us if we do get sick.
  • we have teachers who can share their knowledge and classes online.
  • we have the opportunity to give the Earth a break and breathe deeply with the clean air from less manufacturing and traffic.
  • we have the time to reconsider our own priorities and what is essential in our own lives.
  • we have leaders to guide us wisely through this challenging time.
  • we have time to be kind and give more generously to those in need within our community.

And for our fellow artists, we have time to catch up on all the CIYL shows we missed and create more art. :)

I hope where ever you are, whatever country or state you are in, and whatever conditions you are living in, that you can smile, find things to be grateful or and know that everything will be okay.

Things will work out.

If you have things that you wish to add to this to the list please comment below. I look forward to seeing your thoughts

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