The Colour In Your Life Team

Graeme Stevenson

Graeme Stevenson, CEO of Colour In Your Life, was born June 29th, 1958, in New South Wales, Australia. From a young age Graeme had a tremendous fascination with the world around him, and from this he began painting and studying animals. He began breeding Australian parrots, and in his teen years took up the ancient sport of falconry. As his interest in art began to grow, he used the birds that surrounded him - his pets - as subjects for his paintings.



Sophia Stacey

Sophia Stacey studied Film and Music at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. She has worked on and produced a wide range of documentaries, music video clips and Television Advertisements. Subjects such as the Dolphins of Port Phillip Bay, Local History, Classical Music, Science, and Art products. She is the owner of MaZuma Productions and is now the head of the production team for the Colour In Your Life TV Show.


Jenny O'Leary

Jenny previously worked for Yahoo! for 9 years in both Ireland and Australia before moving to the North Coast of NSW. She has joined the team as Production Manager and works on various projects across the board. 


Simon Kelly

Simon is a freelance web developer/designer currently based in Melbourne, VIC that worked on creating the Colour In Your Life website.

He is a self-taught web developer who has been running his own freelance business since early 2009 under the name of Renegade Empire. Simon is experienced with Joomla! CMS, WordPress, PHP, Javascript and his speciality lies in complete solutions for client websites from the design right through to custom functionality. Simon has always been interested in people's creativity and artistic ability and hope to work with more artists on various projects in the future.


Tanita Cree

Tanita now works as an International Consultant for Colour In Your Life, available via appointment for Skype calls and emails. 


Amelia 'Mealie' Batchelor

Graphic Designer

Mealie has been a practising visual artist for more than 20 years and now owns and runs a small Art House Gallery in the Northern NSW Region. Her passion for visual arts and community arts has led her on a journey of discovery, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and appreciating the world’s diverse art collection.

Also, with over 2 decades of collective experience in a variety of Queensland based advertising agencies and design studios. Amelia has a wide range of skills in variety of creative fields including manager of a number of graphic design teams; her range of technical expertise has included team leadership, providing innovative and exceptional graphic solutions for clients, project management and client liaison - skills which have followed through to her own contract Graphic Design business.

After filming her own CIYL TV show with Graeme, opened the doorway to being Mealie being welcomed as part of this amazingly creative and talented team.


Jo Frederiks

Jo manages the Social Media websites for Colour In Your Life and has been part of the team since its beginning. In her spare time Jo works on her own incredible artworks.


CIYL Champions

The Colour In Your Life Champions - those wonderful people who have shown their support by sponsoring and donating to the Colour In Your Life fund.


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