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Testimonials from Fans and Workshops

Here are some testimonials from viewers and those that have attended workshops with Colour In Your Life...

CIYL & Art Shed Workshop with Tricia Reust (and Graeme Stevenson)

'I have had the pleasure of attending quite a few workshops over the years, the majority at the Art Shed. However, this was by far the best one!

A Tricia Reust workshop has been on my bucket list for a number of years, as I just love her work. Having Graeme Stevenson there as well was an added bonus as I have admired his work for ages... never thought I would actually meet the man himself!

I learned so much from this workshop! It has inspired me and I can’t wait to start my next piece. If there are any more workshops by these two great artists in the future please count me in.'
~ Carol Gainsford

'Tricia Reust's workshop was most enjoyable on many levels. I was excited to try something out of my comfort zone and Tricia explained in easy steps the various techniques and why each media worked for each application. The workshop exceeded my expectations as it was a challenging and inspiring and I actually produced something with which I was pleased. The lunch was delicious.'
~Valda Heath.

'Tricia Reust’s Workshop gave me the injection of enthusiasm I needed to re-invigorate my own creative journey.
Being a teacher, during the week I conduct art skills classes for beginners, school children, the older generation and anyone wanting a satisfying outlet or hobby. This can be quite constricting on my own creativity, giving me little time for freedom of expression… the excitement and sense of adventure has returned… thank you Tricia, and Graeme.'
~ Darla Boyd

'It was an absolutely brilliant workshop - the best I have ever attended!

Thank you for your generosity and all the wonderful kindness and gifts Colour In Your Life bestowed on us yesterday. Trisha was just amazing and was a natural teacher who was able to unconditionally share her knowledge in such easy steps that made it achievable. All the participants were able to see such amazing and unique results. It was just so inspiring and therapeutic! What a special and colourful day!'
~Susan Ball

'I really enjoyed the workshop. It was well structured and fantastically informative. Tricia is a great teacher who calmly imparted a lot of knowledge and worked us hard. I feel inspired to try out all the techniques I learned. It was enjoyable to share the experience with other artists and I appreciated the review at the end.'
~ Tracey Lennon

A few testimonials from our fans...

Here are some of the testimonials from our wonderful fans. We get some great feedback from people that watch the show, be they artist or art lover alike, and we try to save some of the best.

I came across CIYL a couple of months back. I have recently had health issues (heart/lung). I have had to stop traveling (I am an IT consultant) and have had many trips to various specialists. Your program and my attempts at my own art are keeping me active and engaged with life. This health-forced slow down has been a trying time. Thanks for all the wonderful artists you bring to us through your program. I am in awe of all of them!!
- Gary Dikin

Hi, I have recently absorbed myself in Colour In Your Life past TV episodes. I now have square eyes!! I am trying very hard to unlock a genius painter even though I am a senior. Ha! The reason for my message, Graeme you are the kindest, most encouraging, and genuinely caring critic I have ever heard. Thank you!
- Susan, Brisbane

I wanted to share with you how successful your show is. Was just talking to an artist in New Mexico on a forum called Wet Canvas where she mentioned that she watched your show. Well done and great job, I have seen every episode :)
- Vicki Sanderson

I just want to say that I have learned so much from your videos. I'm... in Springfield, MO USA. Small area with nothing like what you do. I'm in total awe and want to thank you.
- Sherry Gregory Haney

Graeme, what you are doing for 1000s of artists and would-be artists is beyond measure. Part of why we paint is to touch people on another level and you are doing that possibly more than any other artist ever has. I love the show but even more, I now consider myself an artist, whereas before I was a person who did one or two paintings a year. I go to workshops, help a couple of young relatives to go forward, and involve my friends with galleries and art discussions.
- Carol Wilson

Graeme, I love your show. We have very limited opportunities to learn and do workshops where I live. Your show gives inspiration and insight into other artists' work. How they produce their art and give little tips on techniques. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such a wonderful show.
- Belinda Payne

Graeme whatever you paint is beautiful. I love the show tremendously, it’s a source of knowledge, inspiration & learning for me. I can re-watch several different favorite episodes a week & still enjoy them every time. Thanks for doing the show, I personally truly appreciate it. Keep up the great work.
- Melinda Middlebrook

I live in Sweden and watch CIYL on the net. Your show has made a difference to me and my creativity. I learn, get inspired and practice a lot more than I did before I knew about CIYL. Thank you, and thank you every artist that have shared of wisdom and technics.
- Eva Örnehult

This opportunity to learn about techniques, creativity in all its forms, and admire talent is a priceless gift. Thank you for inspiring me too!
- Mary-Anne Stuart

You've changed my life! I can't even get to sleep at night so busy watching your videos! Amazing artists.... I've never been happier!! Thank you!
- Marilyn Barker

I love the show, it's great to see Aussie artists on television, it's also good to see something educational on tv for a change.
- Ronnie Ryder

Greetings from Lithuania with love. All your videos are positive and inspiring not only for me but I hope and for artists all over the world :) wish You all the best.
- Alina Bur

This is such a fantastic show. It has made me pick up watercolors! Used to love art when I was in school, but I was too busy to pursue anything related to art after leaving school, especially when I started working. Thanks to this show, I got the motivation to pick up watercolors.

- Saif Rizwan

"Thanks for producing such a wonderful program, it's like an oasis in the desert. A pearl amidst the banality of TV. For all us frustrated budding artists, it makes us feel that there may just be a light at the end of the tunnel. It is a privilege to watch the marvelous talent we have here in Australia.

And Graeme is, of course, the 'caped hero' (well perhaps more aptly the "Helmet wearing hero" of Colour In Your Life). His generosity of spirit, gentle personality and genuine warmth is pivotal in the success of this program, he literally, does take you on a journey. Most TV programs are loud noisy hyper everything!!!

When I sit down to watch Colour In Your Life, it's like sitting down with a friend, chatting about what's new and what excited them recently, in the arts, be it movies, art, exhibitions, etc.

Do keep up the good work, believe me, you have a captive audience!"
- Denise

Graeme, I think you are doing fantastic work in bringing artists together.

I love your manner and genuine interest in people but to me your greatest gift is your generosity of spirit and the way you encourage others to share. So often artists can become "little" in their skills and can hold so tightly to ideas that they forget that life is about giving as well as receiving.

Thank you again for your great show and for being who you are.
- Sincerely, Sue L.

Featured artist Cheryl Findlay on season 6 - I was fascinated by Cheryl's work and amazed at how much she wanted to share on the CIYL show. I was fortunate to be able to have a couple of private lessons with Cheryl when I traveled from NSW to Melbourne to also visit family. Cheryl was just amazing and very generous, giving and a fount of knowledge with her information. A truly beautiful Artist Person.

- Millie Hira

I teach High School Art in Ohio and recently found your program on youtube. I have enjoyed it and have made it part of my AP Art class. Thank you for doing this, I have always thought it would be great to have real artist's to talk about their work and share it with my students. So this actually has been the closest I can get to it. Thanks again!
- Donna Hensley, Perkins High School in Sandusky, Ohio USA

Hi Graeme,I love the show and feel very inspired whenever I watch it. I am very new to painting really. Took up watercolours last year when I broke my ankle and then started with oils this year. My sister is an artist, Deborah Trusson, she was one of the runners-up for the Archibald in 2005, and if I could have half her talent I would be happy. Deb is currently doing her Masters and also started doing Art Therapy, but has deferred for now due to study pressures.

It is great to give pleasure to others, so even though we are only small fish in a big pond, you have our gratitude and support.
- Angela Walker

Just want to say that I love your show, I'm a struggling primitive artist who obtains a wealth of inspiration from your show. I Loved the article on Anthony Breslin! Anthony Breslin has really inspired me on my artwork, so well done you guys for putting forward such a fantastic show. Thank you for bringing colour into my love!
- Michelle Lewis

They were fantastic in terms that it felt like you had made a cup of coffee and were sitting at the back of the artist’s studio watching on.
- David Keys, Art Spectrum

Well done to Graeme and all of your team - what an inspirational show - I just love it and as a budding artist - it is like an art bible for me. Many many thanks for a wonderful job and show and series - keep up the good work and to be going overseas - excellent - you deserve all that the universe is giving back to you for all of the wonderful things you are giving to it and the people in it. Kind regards...
- Colleen Weier

Graeme, I think you are doing a fantastic work in bringing artists together. I love your manner and genuine interest in people but to me your greatest gift is your generosity of spirit and the way you encourage others to share. So often artists can become "little" in their skills and can hold so tightly to ideas that they forget that life is about giving as well as receiving. Thank you again for your great show and for being who you are. Sincerely...
- Sue Littleford

Just wanted to thank you for the hours of interest and entertainment that I get from watching the 'Colour In Your Life ' programs thanks to Youtube downloads. It's fascinating to see the work of a variety of great artists including yourself of course. As a very amateur senior citizen painter, it gives me inspiration and ideas to develop my own modest efforts. There is nothing like it in the UK so perhaps you could persuade UK TV to forget the cooking programs for a while and get something on that millions would relate to and enjoy. Keep up the good work.
Kindest regards
- Donald Macdonald

Hi Graeme,
I really hope this reaches you, I THINK YOU ARE A STAR!!!! I live in England and I so adore watching your visits, you are inspiring, seeing your enthusiasm meeting all these different artists; it's a magical program, and I can hardly wait to see the next episodes. If only there were programs like this in the UK. We have a wealth of talent but our tv programs have nothing like yours.

I teach art in my home, in a small way, but I tell all my art friends about your program and how inspirational it is, all the different styles, the scenery, and of course your lovely gentle manner and infectious enthusiasm. Well done for the best art-related program there is, that I'm aware of!!!! Kindest regards,
- Anthea Blackmore :)

You are doing fantastic work. My twin sister (who lives in Melbourne, I live in central Qld) and I were both enjoying your Three Amigos recently on Facebook. Loved it! We are both artists and though we are miles apart and haven't seen each other in 7 years it is great to share something special, which is what you have given us.
- Denise Wild

Dear Colour In Your Life, Just watched Alvaro Castagnet (26/01/14) absolutely fantastic, he was so vibrant and entertaining. I watch every Sunday night and love the show, keep up the great work. Regards
- Mark Handley

Hi, Greetings from the Caribbean. I wanna thank Graeme for what he is doing for the Art world, not just Australia but for us far beyond that. I too have learned so much by following you on Facebook, the website and it's the quality of work that's out there that was hidden from us... kudos to all that's involved. Seeing all these wonderful Artists with their different style and medium display their Talent, invite the world to their homes it's beyond words. As an artist myself, I have learned and collect so much information from you guys... thank you again for sharing especially with me... Best of God's blessing as you continue to share this wonderful show ....and remember don't forget to Put Some Colour In Your Life.
- Elwin Joseph... thanks

Grae you give so many fantastic people The Opportunity the shine thru Color In Your Life. Thank You Grae for what you are doing and sharing it with so many people around this great world we live in. Pure Genius...
- John Charlebois

"I just want to thank you for all the wonderful videos! I have enjoyed everyone I have watched and learned so much from all the artists. Out of all the videos I have ever watched on YouTube your are the absolute best and so inspiring! Thank you so very much for giving us a complete lesson in a video!! You are the best!!!!!"
- Sweetpea Ann

Just wanted to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all the team at Colour In Your Life. I started to watch the show some time back with my father; he has always dabbled quite seriously in all manner of painting and drawing. I have no talent in these areas of art and have long resigned myself to a life of observing art. Thank you for showing me that art can exist beyond these forms and that anything is possible. You have shown me a new door and the view is fabulous.
- Caroline Holdom

So love watching these shows, thank you Graeme this inspires me every day to see the diversity of every artist's talent, and that I have as much ability and right to paint what I wish and not doubt myself.
- Susan Leaver

LOVE your show (when I get to watch it) and the VARIETY is awesome. Thanks a million for producing the series
- Linda Torres

Love Colour In Your Life, look forward to it every week, there's a lot of amazing talent out there! its good to get a view of other people's work and get great tips thankyou.
- Sharon Lewis

Love your shows, you are a Genius Master, Bravo!
- Ronald Padua

Hi to all the Team at Colourinyourlife. Been a viewer since day one. Love it, learned so much. Always spreading the word. Cheers & a Big thank you.
- Dianne Hislop

I love Colour In Your Life, I have learned so much and tried out new techniques learned on the program, just love it.
- Margaret Hawkins

Mr. Stevenson, I just discovered your site and I am in love! Thanks for all the information and great experiences your are providing for all the art lovers around the world. I went to college for 16 years, but in a few hours I had more interaction and learning opportunities from wonderful artists, than from many of my instructors, than were to afraid to have someone better than them. Thanks, many thanks!
- Mariana Gamboa

Today I watched your program got out my pencils and pens and did a surreal sketch I never thought I would be capable of thank you to the show and all the artists featured truly inspiring. A lot of my previous ideas were stifling me your show has opened my outlook, thank you all.
- Margaret Hawkins

My favourite tv show. I look forward to seeing it every week. I record episodes, re-watch my favourites and take notes. Love it!
- Margaret Hall

Best show on TV - thank you so much to all involved.
- Michelle White

Graeme - many thanks for your excellent and inspiring program CIYL - I am a reasonably late starter in the art world but feel true inspiration with this program and watch it every week - also your net address gives further help and ideas - many thanks it is truly wonderful.
- Susan Smith

Graeme, Colour In Your Life has really inspired me, not just to paint but to redirect my life. Thank you for wanting to share the "secrets" of painting and encouraging so many other artists to share and giving them the means to do so.
- Carol Wilson

Every episode brings the most amazing people & creative talent to us. This one was stunning as well!
- Glenda Thomson

Would just like to say THANKS! You bring beauty and joy into people's lives - how great is that. …to bring joy and beauty into people's lives is a true gift and much more than most people ever do with their lives.
- Mary Phillips

Love your show I have watched heaps of your video's on Youtube and it has inspired me to start painting again after a 3-year break. Thank You.
- Debra Emanuelli

Fantastic Graeme, thanks for all your and your team's work for bringing us such a wonderful program, must be as exhausting as it is exciting. The whole world needs to see just as we do the wonderful talent we have here. Keep on keeping on. Xx
- Beverley Miekus-Hutton

I've only discovered your show, Graeme. It's transformed my world, helping me back in the saddle after many years of non-creating. Thanks and keep it up.
- Greg Williams

I loved going through your page! Lovely works! Your page brings light and hope into our hearts!
- Inês Monteiro

I read a beautiful letter the other day a lady wrote about Graeme. See your show, thank you's what you are doing for art in Australia, the humanity in what you do, the lives you touch and enrich. It is amazing. That in itself is a motivating force, to share and promote, I believe in what you do. I think you's and your team are amazing.
- Edward Blum

What a superb program. Educational for new artists, but also very interesting for the casual artist like myself. You have inspired me to go back to painting & drawing my special form of art that took me seven years to design. It combines 45 years of experience with art for me. So one big thank you to Colour In Your Life! I'm certainly going to take a feather & use it.
- Alice Goodall

Colour In Your Life has given me something wonderful, the inspiration to experiment with paint and mediums and to extend myself like never before. I also would like to thank Colour In Your Life for the best program on TV.
- Jan Coombe

Thank you for producing such a wonderfully inspiring show too... love your work.
- Linda Wilson

This show is one of the very best. It's a "can't miss” and although I record each show I often even watch the repeat on the Sat night. 
To have access to so many of our Australian talent is simply wonderful. The artistry and sheer range of art styles has been an eye-opener. Graeme, thank you and the sponsors for the foresight to see a need and then go ahead and fill that void. Well done. Another painter, from FNQ.
- Beverley Adamson

I love this program - so informative and fresh.
- Elizabeth Phillips

Great art show, just love it, very inspiring. Keep up the good work Graeme and team.
- Sandra Baker

I look forward to every episode of Colour In Your Life.
- Olga Esam

Looking forward to all your shows next year, you make my life happier and brighter each week.
- Jennefer Hemery

Thank you so much for all you fantastic programs, encouragement & inspiration to explore & discover the wonderful world of all Visual arts.
- Tricia Ross

Hi Graeme

Thanks heaps for getting back to me. Your show is totally awesome and amazing!!!!! I live for art shows and art and it is fantastic that you have this show. I look so forward to Thursday nights. Wish your show was on every night! It is great that Artists are getting exposure and we are all in awe of seeing all artwork and the amazing personalities that Artists have.

Quite a few weeks ago, I was just flicking through tv channels and saw you doing an amazing almost abstract style of work. It was so so so beautiful! It was the last minute of your show and you said you were going to make something of it the next week, like bring out the story. Unfortunately, I wasn’t home that night and missed it and am heartbroken! As I was in total awe of what you were doing. There was heaps of colour moving around and it looked to me almost like inks floating around and blending together. I am a huge colour fan and love movement and intuitive works. To me this work you were doing was very intuitive, I guess abstract impressionism. My boyfriend told me you were the artist. I was so in awe of your art I wasn’t watching you, but my boyfriend said the guy that hosts the show was doing this. Funny hey, i was so caught up in the moment watching all these colours merging and doing their own thing. Like some amazing kaleidoscope! I could see a woman’s form merging. Wish I could see what you bought out in the end. It was so dreamy! I hope you may put this episode up as i would love to be able to watch it. It is awesome Graeme!

Thanks for getting back to me. Have told all my other artist friends about you and your show and we now drop everything to watch your show. Good on You for doing this show! You have many many fans!

Thanks again Graeme
- Cheryl :)

I've been enjoying your program for several months now, and honestly, I believe it's the best "Art" show on the planet! Thank you again!
-- Joe Schuster

Thank YOU, Graeme. It was your article "To be or not to be… that is the question?" That made me realize that someone else gets it. You and your program have been not only an inspiration but a starting point for me in what I hope will be an incredible adventure. I still read those words when I need to. Thank you again for sharing part of yourself and best of luck as you continue your journey. You have put more than colour in my life… you have given me the courage to believe in myself.
-- Alison Higgins

Your show has been my inspiration. I am a better person for it. So much has happened since our phone call… you were so kind to me and gave me such hope that I could do anything and I have. I sold my first ever piece in a gallery a few days ago and it’s all because of you. Thank you for sharing and showing us all the talent there is out there. Much love, Graeme! Can’t wait to see what you do next. xx
-- Tina Seymour

I love your show… Always tuning in for great tips and inspiration. Fabulous.
-- Louise Lehtonen

Always in awe of the caliber of artists you share. Each showcased artist shares something that stands out to us all in our different pursuits. Something we can take with us on our "learning curve". Can't wait for each show to air and buy the DVDs to watch favorites over and over. Each showcased artist can be a mentor even for only an hour. Thank you
-- Margaret Lees

Great show. Been drawing since I was 5… though gave up as a teen. You have inspired me to start up again… thank you. I will continue watching.
-- Susan Garner

Thank you to Colour In Your Life. Thank You, Graeme. With your help through posting in Facebook, I made it to my childhood dream of being an artist. No mentor, no formal study, just watching you in YouTube, your show, and my eagerness to be and not to be. I have able to combine my dream and my destiny. Now I paint for donation for my Mission to the Philippines. I founded the QSMI 2 years ago and I used my art becomes a gift to volunteer MD. Now, I have plenty of donors. My Passion has become a Mission. Thank you.
-- Priscilla Sheppard

I love the variety of talented artist you present. It inspires, encourages and motivates me in my tutoring and painting. Thank you doesn't cover it, but thank you.
-- Helen Richards

It’s great to see how other artists work and where their inspiration comes from. I love Colour In Your Life and thank you for bringing beauty into all our lives no matter what level of artistic talent we have.
-- Leila Foster-Woods

I watch it via YouTube… in Texas, USA. So inspiring to see the various artist's techniques.
-- Debe Glover McGuire

Well done mate! The show has profoundly moved me many times.
-- Brad Carleton

LOVE THIS: Art can unlock a door in each of us, it can enable us to travel the universe of our minds. (Thank YOU GS)
-- Wendy Manzo

I get so much inspiration from your shows… Not to mention great tips for my own work.
— Susan Jackson James

Thanks Graeme, your show’s been a great source of inspiration for me. Love your bike too.
— Mark Reedman

Your show, showcases all the awesome talent we have in Australia. The show is just amazing.
— Marilyn Thomson

You are doing a fantastic job, love the show, love seeing all the talent that our wonderful country has to offer.
— Linda Gittos

Thank you for enriching so many, and so many more to come.
— Helen Pynta

Thank you for sharing with the world the legacy you talk about. It s your strength, passion, and foresight which has brought so many people together through your love of art. Thank you for your generosity in sharing it with us.
— Alison Fleming Saunders

Thank you so much for sharing! I've been inspired and grateful by your show - even though I'm miles away - but it's beautiful to see how art unites us all. Un gran abrazo desde Nicaragua.
— Ana Barahona

Love this show. I've learned a lot. Many thanks
— Dorothy Andreassend

Brilliant artist and a pleasure to watch!
— Beverley Clough

Love the show and am now doing my art diploma. Keep up the inspiration… we love it
— Natasha Riches Walker

The show has become a staple in my life... Thank you.
— Alana Louise Alexander

You are quite incredible yourself Graeme Stevenson. The artworld is so much better thanks to you. You have brought to our homes education, joy and inspiration. So many of us are very grateful.
— Geraldine Taylor

Love your shows and what you are doing. Have watched about ALL of CIYL episodes that I can and have learned a lot from all your shows. Tried to get into a Zburic class in the Apostle Islands/Madaline Island school but landed on a 50+ waiting list. Cannot wait for your shows in the US!! I live in Northern Wisconsin so am in the backwoods so to speak. Good luck to all of you!! I tell my artists friends and art league about you every chance I get!
-- J.L.

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