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Video Testimonials from our Featured Artists

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Written testimonials from our Featured Artists...

Here are some testimonials from the artists that have featured on Colour In Your Life.

Ashley Hay | Ep 01 Season 22

"It was amazing Graeme.  It was absolutely wonderful to have you and Sophia come to the studio here - I absolutely loved welcoming you, and we had an amazing day together.  It was a really good time, I really enjoyed having you guys here and of course showing you what I do."

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Doreen McNeill | Ep 01 Season 11

"There's so many people I wouldn't have met without it.  It's made me feel more professional I think, gives me kudos too when I'm talking to galleries.  I feel I've gained a lot from it.  Because you're so widely spread, the results will come a lot quicker.  I think you've done a wonderful job with it Graeme.  You've set up a wonderful experience for artists to connect all over the world, and that is really something I think.  Quite unique."

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Tanya J De Wet | Ep 02 Season 23

"Natascha was brilliant - she dragged everything along and set it up - and you helped me with my words (Sophia) - it was brilliant actually.  And we got the whole thing together.  I would absolutely recommend anybody to take this opportunity, and be filmed by the team.  They are so professional, they put you at ease and help you to tell your story in the most amazing way.  Now I have this wonderful new family that I can call on for help and guidance, and I'm so happy that I did this!"

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Lynn Jaanz | Ep 02 Season 19

"Absolutely amazing guys - I've put so many other artists onto it.  I highly, highly recommend it.  It's the most phenomenal show.  It's helped my business.  At the moment I'm even considering doing another one - I just think it's phenomenal.  I'm truly, truly grateful to the team."

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Miranda Free | Ep 13 Season 21

"It's been an amazing experience meeting Graeme and recording an episode with him.  I have certainly raised my profile.  I've had commissions; it's inspired me to enter into competitions in which I've been really successful.  I know it's brought people to me to buy my work - nearly half the paintings that were shown in the episode are living in someone else's house now which is a wonderful thing.  I can't recommend Graeme and his work highly enough."

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Paula Wiegmink | Ep 02 Season 10

"Talk about a bucket list moment! It was daunting, it was scary, it was wonderful.  But for me it really made me step outside of my comfort zone, and I think as an artist that is really important.  It gave me a platform to share what I'm about as an artist."

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Justine Martin | Ep 05 Season 18

"I still use my episode all the time.  It's often playing at the gallery there - it's such a useful tool to have - prime position on my website and just gives credibility as an artist.  I want to come on again!"

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Reina Cottier | Ep 12 Season 14

"It was amazing.  Everything from meeting you and Sophia to telling you guys what I do and my processes.  It was just such an enjoyable, easy process, I loved it.  The aftermath was that I got an incredible amount of enquiries about my art.  4-5 years down the track now I'm still getting enquiries from people who are watching it for the first time.  If anyone out there is thinking of doing it - go for it.  It's amazing - make it happen.  These guys are awesome to deal with, and I had a blast!"

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Mealie Batchelor | Ep 01 Season 01, Ep 05 Season 03, Ep 13 Season 05

"It basically threw me into a more professional side.  To have that video that I could send out to people, I really found that having that was more like a video CV.  It did really help me to push my work.  I didn't even flinch when I saw the price - this is an investment for me, and it totally was.  I totally recommend Colour In Your Life is always amazing, and always will be.  Friends for life!"

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De Gillett | Ep 09 & Season 05

De Gillett and Graeme Stevenson

"I think it’s the best thing you could possibly do for your art career, honestly hands down.  To become known, to become validated as an artist; to show the world the interesting things you are doing. 

Graeme’s original idea of capturing and preserving all the wonderful things that happen in studios all around the world has come to fruition and I’m totally blessed to be a part of that."

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Sandra Temple | Ep 10 & Season 11

Sandra Temple and Graeme Stevenson

"The show was really easy to work with - you lot were a great team!  It was very good - I got a lot of response from other artists and my classes went through the roof!"

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John Hulsey | Ep 12 Season 18


"Over the years I've been on numerous television interviews.  You are one of the most professional, smoothest interviewers I've ever talked to.  It was like a conversation that just flowed, you made it easy for me - I wasn't nervous or tense or anything like it can be when you're on camera.  For anyone who wants to take you up on your offer to do this for them, they are going to have a really wonderful experience with it."

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Janet Knight Season 5| Ep 4 & Season10| Ep 7Colour In Your Life Janet Knight Episode 2


Colour in Your Life has been extremely a major, major bonus in my life.

I have had the privilege of doing two shows for you guys and it's been a wonderful ride. Pretty much it has exposed what I do here in my studio to the rest of the world and I'm just so totally grateful for the exposure that Colour in Your Life has done for me. Broadened my horizons as an artist and now I'm being contacted by people all over the world to run workshops in different countries which is so totally exciting. Thank you

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Christine Clark - Season 9 | Ep 4

Colour In Your Life Christine ClarkThings have been happening here since I went onto Artsy Shark re Colour In Your Life's recommendation for artists on Facebook, and entered their competition with my artwork and won.  The prize was having my paintings put on social media, which was also great exposure and I would not have done that except that Graeme recommended them.

Then Carolyn Edlund from Artsy Shark, sent me an email which was on Linkedin to say someone from Art Licensing. Com was interested in my work and that I should reply. They were interested in Licensing some of my work for products and would I be interested?  I went ahead and said yes and then they sent out a contract and then I completely went to water, as I had no idea if they were reputable or not, so I rang Graeme and in his cheerful manner he told me he was with them and they were a good company.

So now I have some of my work with them and I can't believe this happened to me here in Australia from an American company halfway across the world.

So Colour In Your Life have been good for me and I'm very thankful for you all and especially to Graeme as he always has been there when I needed to ask questions. Bless him.

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Colour In your Life Alison HaleAlison Hale - Season 7 | Ep 9 

Hi, I just want to say thank you for having my show program from many years ago still running. I made another good sale again in April whilst in lockdown. Great help.

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Robin Hicks - Season 21 | Ep 10 

Robin Hicks and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your LifeRecently I was filmed for an episode for Colour In Your Life. For me, it was a very worthwhile experience in many ways.

Firstly, it was good to challenge myself as an artist and to work out ways to present how I go about watercolor painting in a clear, precise way yet keeping it interesting and fun.

Graeme’s interviewing style is light-hearted but also informative as he asked good questions which then led to good conversation.

Although I’m an established art tutor this was a completely new experience and I wondered how I’d go so Initially I was quite nervous but both Graeme and Sophia were reassuring, fun, and professional which helped me settle into the filming process very quickly.

I’ve had many inquiries for the online classes through my website and already sold artwork since it aired a week ago.

I’m very happy I did the show and thank Graeme, Sophia and the whole team for an excellent result.

If you want to take your professional art career to the next level, I’d encourage any artist to take the challenge and be on the show.

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Janette Humble - Season 21 | Ep 9

Janette Humble and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your LifeI have had lots of interest and comments since the show came out and my profile on social media has certainly picked up.

I have received two commissions and had inquiries about classes, which I will start in the new term. I am repainting and setting up a gallery in a large room downstairs – kicked the kids out of it - so that I can show my paintings there via video and plan to use that space for teaching as well.

I am still painting of course and have started doing an online art business course so that I can really nail the marketing side of things. I have had an enquiry about just that from California – of all places… it’s been such a pleasure working with you all.

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Lee Teusner - Season 21 | Ep 7

Lee Teusner and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your Life

Graeme and Sophia made the filming experience really easy and comfortable. I really enjoyed Sophia’s professionalism and her ability to keep us on track. Graeme loves a chat and is very passionate about his mission to help artists. They were both really good company and I felt we had a good connection. It was a very hot day and we all just took it pretty easy but got the work done in good time – we all felt good about the outcome.

I was very grateful for the support that I received after filming and am feeling very positive about what is next.

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Cheryl Bridgart - SeasonCheryl Bridgart and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your Life 21 | Ep 8

Filming was so much fun; we were very impressed. Sophia was so warm lovely & professional and Graeme, the talented host & professional artist in his own right.

Honored to be a part of Colour In Your Life.

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Colour In Your Life De GillettDe Gillett - Season 5 | Ep 9

The very best thing I could have done for my practice. Well worth the investment, and enormously validating for my work, especially as a tutor. These days, if you don’t have a strong online presence as an artist, you really won’t be taken seriously.

And SO MUCH FUN working with Graeme and Sophia!

My experience with the Colour In Your Life team has been astonishing from the beginning. It was a very big decision to go with it, and I certainly thought hard about making such a large investment. I have been delighted with the outcomes thus far (only 9 weeks after my episode aired for the first time).
Those who had never heard of me until they saw the show are very keen and excited to learn more of my techniques and many advanced copies of my instructional DVDs have been ordered.

People considering coming to a class or workshop are finding the clip on youtube, and they see straight away if I have what they are looking for. This has resulted in my workshops teaching this technique being booked out solidly until May 2014.

I have been invited to teach this technique in many far-flung parts of Australia, from Albany to Rockhampton and more.

The newsletter mailing list for Arts Tree, where I teach, has increased by 1000%. It took us several weeks to catch up with our overflowing inbox and respond to all the inquiries.

Many collectors, having now seen my work, have purchased paintings. In the first month after CIYL aired, 5 large paintings were sold, and that has continued with my current exhibition at The Manly Gallery achieving fantastic sales figures. Many of the enormous opening night crowd were there simply because they had seen me on the show.

There have been no negatives arising from allowing the wonderful Sophia, Graeme, and Jo into my practice, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much, team!

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Evelyn Dunphy and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your Life in Maine, USAEvelyn Dunphy - Season 20 | Ep 13

I wanted to let you and Sophie and Graeme know how pleased I am with the results of my video on Colour In Your Life. I’ve been busy writing to everyone who comments on my website and Facebook, as well as Youtube. And I’ve had sales that directly resulted from being seen on the video as well as people signing up for my workshops!

I’ll be running the video during my Open Studio this weekend as it’s a great way to let people know what I’m doing and let them see the international exposure. Thank you all so much! I loved having the team here, and I’d do it again in a nanosecond.

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Brienne Brown - Season 20 | Ep 9 

Brienne Brown and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your Life TV ShowI am so grateful to have been featured on ‘Colour In Your Life’.  It has given me a huge jump in online exposure and has exceeded my expectations in a short time. After the first week of my episode airing, I had over 8,000 views and so many comments on YouTube and my website it was hard to keep up answering them all.

I have had several direct sales from paintings in the episode. Also, my exposure has continued to grow and the subscriptions on my own YouTube channel have jumped almost 10 fold in a month. I can’t thank the CIYL team enough. Graeme and his team were awesome to work with. They really had everything streamlined so that I was totally at ease on filming day.

I am so grateful for all you guys have done. I love the episode and all the exposure I am getting. Thanks again!

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Peggy Stokes and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your LifePeggy Stokes - Season 21 | Ep 1

My dear friends,
Thank you for making me look good... you are the best... what a joy to be given the opportunity to show the art world a new faze of art... I adore you.

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Caroline Deeble meets Graeme Stevenson on Colour in Your Life Caroline Deeble - Season 17 | Ep 11

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to become a part of the CIYL Artist group.

I was thrilled to see more than 3200 views by Sunday afternoon. Far more than I expected in just 2 days.

I have already been contacted by a Gallery group from Italy to talk further about exhibiting in Florence, Milan, Rome & London.

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Helen Norton - Season 20 | Ep 5

Helen Norton and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your LifeIt was a wonderful day. I can't thank you all enough. Really exciting and I hope to be able to work more with you in the future. My life is much richer as a result. And the video hasn't even come out yet!

However, it has really shot a rocket up my bum and got me out of a bit of a 'pause', which I have been having for a while as I think about which direction to go next. As I said to Graeme and Sophia, I need a change, and for the first time in my career I don't have exhibitions booked (deliberately) so I can think about other things. Who knows, some opportunities might come out of the show!

Also, what was stunning - was the methodology of Graeme. He works hard (but very honestly and naturally) at milking the absolute best out of the artist so that they can give to the show (public) their best. For me, it was about something very important to me – my work with narrative/story and the deeper roots. He stayed with that the entire time. I felt like I was really ME through the whole process. I have had a lot of 'interviews', and it's rare to have that sense constantly.
So thank you!

Colour In your Life Lyn Olsen

Lyn Olsen - Season 10 | Ep 3

Thank you guys for featuring me. My art has taken on a mind of its own since appearing in an episode on your show.

I highly recommend any artist considering appearing to do so. It was the best investment I have ever made.

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R. Geoffrey Blackburn meets Graeme Stevenson on Colour In Your LifeR. Geoffrey Blackburn - Season 18 | Ep 13

I wanted to tell you how AWESOME a job you did on my episode!!! I don't think I adequately conveyed how impressed I am with your work. You ROCK!! I really appreciate what you did. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

I am now so overwhelmed with responses, I haven't done a thing on the book or even gone grocery shopping since it came out... yikes! I need to clone myself... cheers!

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John Hulsey meets Graeme Stevenson on Colour In Your LifeJohn Hulsey - Season 18 | Ep 12

Wow! Fabulous job with my show. Best production/interview I have ever had! Five stars. You guys are real pros and I can’t say enough good things about Sophia Stacey.

Take it from me - of all the professional video interviews I have had the good fortune to be a part of, this is the top, hands down. Well worth the small investment for an outstanding result like this. Love from Ann, also. You are welcome back here anytime!

Fiona Valentine - Season 9 | Ep 8

Colour In Your Life Fiona Valentine

Making an episode with Color In Your Life in 2015 was a great way to help develop my reputation as an artist who teaches. I even had locals stop me and say “hey, did I see you on Colour In Your Life?

Two years later I was able to leave my job and work full-time in my art business. Yay! Four years later, people still get in touch wanting to work with me as a result of seeing the show. I sought a grant and sponsorship and taught a workshop following the show so all my costs were covered within a couple of months.

So happy to be doing what I love! You can check out what I’m up to at where a link to my episode has pride of place on my homepage! Graeme and Sophia were fun to work with on the show and Sophia really listened to my ideas and made the show so beautiful with her creative filming & editing.

Thanks, CIYL

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Debbie Lambert - Season 16 | Ep 9Debbie Lambert meets Graeme Stevenson

WOW! Thank you so much for all you have done. Since filming CIYL I have had more tutoring opportunities, more exhibitions and have a waiting list for requested commissions. It has been amazing.

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Natalie Ellis meets Graeme Stevenson on Colour In Your LifeNatalie Ellis - Season 18 | Ep 1

Thanks for all of this! Loved watching the episode! The cool news is from the social media posts I put in before we went live I sold 2 pieces of art and have 5 commissions and someone has already clicked on my website from the Youtube video and bought a print! Great result!!

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Colour In Your Life Barry McCann

Barry McCann - Season 4 | Ep 11 & Season 7 | Ep 2

Graeme talks to Barry McCann about his experience with the Colour In Your Life TV series and what it has done for both himself and his wife, Lucy, and their Art practice.

A heartfelt testimonial about what a great idea can do for the art world and for those that are wise enough to take advantage of it as well.

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CarrieAnn Therese - Season 16 | Ep 4
Graeme Stevenson Meets CarrieAnn Therese

Hi, My name is CarrieAnn Therese and I'm a Sculptural Glass Artist in Arizona, USA. Graeme and Sophia came out in the intense heat of August to the Arizona desert to film me in my studio. Despite some concerns with the weather and how it might affect filming, Sophia, in her expertise, pulled it off beautifully. They made me very comfortable and we had a really fun day together. When it was over, I felt like a child on Christmas night... the time just flew by!

There was one other artist in Arizona that was also filmed, and we held a big party at an art gallery, and did a Colour In Your Life Film Premier Night and Release Party, and invited clients, family, friends, the community to view our 2 episodes, see some of our artwork first hand and enjoy a light reception. The show is very new over here and was VERY well received. Everybody that has seen it has been very impressed with the quality of the show. When it first hit YouTube, it was so much fun watching the numbers come in and reading the positive feedback from people, knowing it was being viewed around the world. There's nothing like art connecting us globally!

I have already received a number of great opportunities as a result of word getting around about my being filmed for an International Art Series. You just NEVER know what's around the corner, waiting for you to open that door. I'm so glad I did! It was a lot of preparation but a most enjoyable AND worthwhile experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat! By the way... Sophia's editing is pure art in and of itself... she seamlessly wove hours of film into one segment... so beautifully done! Thank you, Sophia and Graeme!!!
April 3, 2018

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Fiona Groom - Season 16 | Ep 13

Fiona Groom Meets Graeme StevensonWhat a fun experience! My Colour In Your Life Episode went to air Friday, March 2nd, 2018 and so far I have received 5,020 views on YouTube. This has helped raise my profile on social media and brought a further 300 views to my website...

I found the whole process easy and straightforward Graeme and his wonderful team are professional, organized, extremely friendly, and genuine. I have every confidence in their ability to showcase my art practice and help me continue on my artistic path. thankyou. (14 March 2018)

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Cindy Hutton - Season 16 | Ep 7

Graeme Stevenson meets Cindy HuttonIt was a fantastic distraction on the 1st anniversary of the death of my father, when I received a phone call from Graeme Stevenson.

He invited me to come on his show and after the initial surprise, I felt the timing was right to take the opportunity. Although I was totally out of my depth, since I've never painted in front of an artist with Graeme's experience, or in front of a camera, Graeme and Sophia were amazing at making me feel at ease from the very beginning.

I will always look back on that day with fond memories. My show went live a month ago and over 7,000 people have viewed it on YouTube. I appreciate that so many people have taken the time to watch it. I've found the whole experience very helpful and encouraging for my art career. I have had many people saying that they will be commissioning me to do a painting for them in the near future and I have sold more prints and paintings since gaining more of a profile as an artist, both locally and through social media.

I have enjoyed watching other artists' shows on 'Colour In Your Life' and learning from them. I'm inspired to develop my skills and continue to learn and grow my business with a lot more confidence than I had before going on 'Colour In Your Life.'

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Colour In your Life Wendy ManzoWendy Manzo - Season 4 | Ep 7

People find me! People I would never have known have found me through my episode on CIYL. Some have become friends, some have studied with me and gone on to great artistic exploits, some just send lovely adoring messages that spur me on. One of the smartest things I’ve done is film with Graeme Stevenson.

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Janet Knight - Season 10 | Ep 7

Colour In Your Life Janet Knight Episode 2From the moment I first got involved with the Colour In Your Life team I knew it was the right thing to do! I could feel it! The complete experience, the connections, the aftermath, Wow!!!!

Graeme and the team truly made me feel awesome about my work and my life. Who wouldn’t want that? A wonderful opportunity to expose my art and who I am to the world!

Filming day – contagiously amusing, flowing with creative energy, and so enjoyable. They couldn’t have made me more comfortable and welcome, the complete package, a combination of creativeness, exploration, self-empowerment, and a twist of love!!

I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be featured on CIYL for a second time. The results have been totally amazing for me. As well as being recognized at exhibitions and selling, it has certainly boosted my career in more ways than one! Being a teacher and having my classes overflowing with happy faces makes me feel great!!! Being involved with the CIYL team has truly been a positive experience and one I will never forget

I have a lot of work in front of me, Commissions! Workshops! Etc. And loving every minute!!!! Happy painting everyone!!

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Colour In your Life Lyn OlsenLyn Olsen - Season 10 | Ep 3

I cannot thank the Colour In Your Life team enough for producing a fantastic TV episode featuring myself on the 9th May, 2015.

The nerves and anticipation of being in front of cameras on filming day were put at ease by the friendliness and professionalism of Graeme and Sophia. The end result far exceeded my expectations and so many great comments and invitations are being posted on my Facebook page and website.

I totally recommend this Colour In Your Life TV show to anyone who is maybe undecided, just do it, you won't be disappointed!

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Colour In Your Life Jo ReitzeJo Reitze - Season 9 | Ep 7

Surprisingly I was unfamiliar with this wonderful programme until Judith Leman sent me an article for the Bulletin of Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors Society, where I am the President and Bulletin Editor. I was fascinated to watch her programme and then was enticed to watch all previous episodes.

I always paint on location so was thrilled when Graeme was happy to film me painting at the magnificent Cloudehill Gardens. Graeme and Sophia were thoroughly professional and we had a lovely day together. I have just seen my episode and am so relieved and delighted with the result. I am passionate about painting gardens so am honoured to be able to present what I do on such a highly regarded programme.

I thank Graeme, Sophia and Tanita for featuring me on ‘CIYL’ and highly recommend this programme to all artists and art lovers.

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Colour IN Your Life Lyn DiefenbachLyn Diefenbach - Season 9 | Ep 3

Working with the team from Colour In Your Life was a totally positive and pleasurable experience. From the start, both Graeme and Sophia made me feel very comfortable. Their ideas and comments were so helpful and the resulting show is something that I can proudly direct both my clients and students to. Within a day of first going to air, I had 1000 views and phenomenal traffic to my website along with a multitude of enquiries. My profile has been raised considerably thanks to Colour In Your Life.

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Jo Frederiks and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your LifeJo Frederiks - Season 5 | Ep 10

Being filmed for CIYL was an amazing, extremely rewarding experience. Not only did I sell a good number of works through the show, but I also received literally hundreds of glowing comments in appreciation, increasing my Facebook art page by thousands of new followers.

Incredibly, it also led to me doing an exhibition in Ukraine and an invite to feature in a very prestigious exhibition in Los Angeles.

Thank you CIYL, I cannot recommend you highly enough, you have propelled my art career to dynamic new heights!

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Yelena Dyumin - Season 4 | Ep 5

Thank you, Graeme and everyone in Colour In Your Life for your professionalism and dedication. I was a featured artist on the show and it has done wonders to promote my art.

Even after 8 months since my episode was first shown, I'm still getting inquiries. Love you guys.

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Jacky Pearson - Season 8 | Ep 13

Colour In your Life Jacky PearsonI loved the way you snook in the best painting of Pat, thank you for that... I am getting a huge inflated head with all the compliments... YOU NEED THEM!!!! So many people are saying how great all the shows are constructed… very clever. Last night we had model Pat and his wife around for the World Premier showing... in Eastbourne... red carpet treatment, tomato sauce, and vinegar and NZ vino, all very sumptuous, you should have been here for the event!!!
Keep it up xx

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Colour In Your Life Carolyn HenryCarolyn Henry - Season 5 | Ep 4

Thank you to the team at CIYL, my experience was very special and you guys made me so relaxed! I have just sold the cows picture that was one of the paintings on the back wall.

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Gillian Grove - Season 6 | Ep 11  -  CIYL B.E.A.T.s Testimonial

Colour In your Life Gillian Grove“I was a little bit invisible before the BEATS awards.”

The Business Excellence Award Tweed Shire (BEATS Awards) proudly encourages all visual artists to apply for the Creative Industries category in this year’s awards.

Gillian Groves from Artable Kingscliff won the award last year. This is what she had to say:

“It was like putting my business on steroids,” Ms Grove said.

“When our humble art school Artable in Kingscliff won the BEATS award in 2013, we were a rapidly growing local art school with a strong local following. The prize for winning the Colour In Your Life Best Creative Business Award gave won us a feature on Graeme Stevenson’s Colour In Your Life television show. The show immediately catapulted us into the national and international spotlight. This meant we were able to promote our art workshops with local artists and our international art trips to a much wider market.

The Colour In Your Life team are a dream to work with and I have no hesitation in encouraging artists to use them as a means to market yourselves and your art to a wider audience.

Beyond the feature on television, the BEATS award introduced us to the local businesses of the Tweed who have warmly embraced and supported both myself and the work we are doing. It has been a privilege to have been invited to speak about the growing success of Artable at business events and I thank the BEATS team for this incredible opportunity.”
~ Gillian Groves Artable Kingscliff | Winner of the 2013 Colour In Your Life Creative Industries Award

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Adrienne Williams - Season 7 | Ep 3

Colour In Your Life Adrienne WilliamsMy experience of working with the Colour In Your Life team and the final product has been so positive. It's true to say I was hesitant at first as it's a big leap of faith to let someone else into your art practice and trust them to interpret and edit your story in a way you'll be happy with. But really, you just have to spend a few minutes on the phone with Graeme to know that he is genuine about his product and that you're in extremely professional hands.

I couldn't have been more relaxed when Graeme and Sophia spent the day here – they both have a perfect blend of professionalism and behind-camera gags to keep the whole process fun and happy. And I think this comes across in every episode I've watched.

I'm thrilled with the response from those who knew me, and those who don't, and even have a large commission to work on for a couple in another State, which is pretty exciting. It's a wonderful permanent online CV tool as well, and I know it will hold up well for many years to come.

Thanks so much to you all for a great experience.

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Maryanne Holmes - Season 6 | Ep 7

Colour In Your Life Maryanne HolmesDear Graeme,

I just wanted to write this note to you as I feel so very grateful that you felt I had the ability to be on your show…

The show is going from strength to strength and I feel honored to be seen amongst such wonderful artists such as Alvaro and Joseph Zbukvic, as well as the lovely McCanns and Ken Done… What a coup for you…

All your hard work is now paying off and I tell everyone that I link to about the show overseas; I noticed that when I went to contact galleries in Russia that you were already featured on their sites… How great is that?

My hits have nearly reached 10,000 now and I am so happy as I haven't had the exposure that the famous ones have had and my numbers seem to be growing about a 1,000 a week roughly…

It has been a wonderful boost to me and I just wanted to let you and all your wonderful team know how grateful I am.

Keep on truckin' and good luck for the future.

Maryanne holmes

Hi Graeme,

Thank you for all that information. WOW… it's so great for you guys and for myself. I have exhibited in Beirut and am in a gallery there now… Have been in touch with a gallery in New York who approached me, and am in an exhibition next month America's museum… in Miami. I have also been approached to be in an art show in Monaco and Spain next July/August 2015.

My profile has increased greatly and I have been asked to be in an invite-only exhibition in Kew Melb in October, as well as do a demonstration that Sunday. Will be talking with AGRA when I go down in October re doing a workshop sometime over the summer.

I have reached over 21500 hits so far and growing on a weekly basis. Have had inquiries about DVDs and have been meaning to phone regarding this as I steered a guy to you a while back as I gave mine to close friends and family and he wanted to know if it would be compatible with USA.

How do I get into your shop? Please let me know as I would really like to sell from it! Will have to update my site soon as I have been selling a bit in Melbourne and Sydney. The info you have given me has given me a real boost, and how do I get into comments to see what people have said of my work?

I wish I had it to do over again as I feel I would have more confidence in front of the camera… it wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be and I am going to do some short YouTube clips on HOW TO... later in the year.

I will never forget the experience and can't express enough how grateful I am that you thought me worthy enough to go on your show. I hope you will consider me later in the year but I realize you have many great artists now. I really wish you all the best with it Graeme, an unforgettable experience.

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Manny Petavrakis - Pre Seasons 

My experience working with Graeme Stevenson and 'Colour In You Life' proved to be a series of positives, each surpassing the other.

Not only was the planning, filming, and production of my episode a thrill, the feedback to me as an artist, and the benefit to my business (Art Shed Brisbane and School Art Supplies) has been outstanding.

The capital I invested has been the most cost-effective means of broadcasting what my businesses and I are about.

I recommend Graeme and ‘Colour In Your Life’ to any creative person keen to promote themselves, in an exciting, fun, and effective manner.

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Rosie Jones - Season 3 | Ep 10

Colour In Your Life Rosie JonesIt was a very beneficial step for me to create an episode of 'Colour In Your Life' with Graeme Stevenson. Graeme is an enthusiastic, talented artist with a far-reaching vision to promote the talents of Australian artists at the same time as providing entertaining television for the Australian audience.

It is a superb way to have my artwork seen by many people with minimal effort on my part. The show has provided me with an excellent marketing tool and it has given me unexpected confidence in my ability to teach.

I would highly recommend working with Graeme and using this opportunity for the promotion of your artwork through television.

With warm wishes,

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Kylie Farrelly - Season 2 | Ep 7

Colour In Your Life Kylie FarrellyHi Graeme and Sophia,

I just finished watching the episode and I am BLOWN away!!!

WOW, you have made my day... what a wonderful experience it was working with you both. You have made me look like a star and I am blessed to have had this opportunity. As always I will promote the hell out of your wonderful program.

Love you guys... now to wait and see what the public think!
Thank you both for such an amazing show :) MMMWAAHH xx

Cheers, Kylie Farrelly

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Sharon Hindle - Season 1 | Ep 6

Thank you Graeme for your passion, enthusiasm and driving force. For those of us in the art community who have had the pleasure of working with you on your wonderful show 'Colour In Your Life'… we salute you!!! Xxxx

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Kate Jenvey-Ferguson - Season 6 | Ep 8

Colour In Your Life Kate JenveyMy experience with CIYL was amazing. It was wonderful meeting Graeme and Sophia. Their warm and friendly personalities coupled with their professional approach made the whole day thoroughly enjoyable.

Personally, it provided a platform to share my love of pencil, art, and nature to a vast audience. The kind and warm response from viewers to my work were quite overwhelming. I have had many inquiries about my work since and have just conducted a workshop filled with new students, all of whom had watched the show. Many others joined my mailing list and I had large numbers join my Facebook page.

Not only is the concept of CIYL unique in its ability to share the life of an artist for a day, in a casual but educational atmosphere but it also allows for like-minded viewers to share and network together in an artistic community. I admire Graeme and his team for their far-reaching vision and for making it a reality. I am grateful to have been part of this innovative TV show.

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Jen Denise Stark - Season 6 | Ep 1

Colour In Your Life Jen Denise StarkThat's great news, thank you all for your support. I always promote CIYL and am proud to have been involved in the early stages of production. It just keeps giving. You were the best investment of my life. Thank you for letting me be a part of that.

Hi Graeme, Sophia, Tanita, the production team, and Artists hesitating on clicking on the “Be on the Show” link.

I had hovered over that button one day to be on the show and get my name known as a professional artist. But I hesitated. God must have known something because one day after I did not click on the link, Graeme emailed me. I will never look back.

Graeme and his team made it all so easy and comfortable and the feedback shows this.

After the show went to air, I was inundated with messages that will inspire me for the rest of my life. I will be forever humbled and grateful for the exposure. I intend on booking an episode every 12 months. Due to the response by viewers, I will be back.

I have sold paintings since the air date. Yes, that’s a given, but the inspiration that is attached to the show is overwhelming.

I never expected the response that I did receive from viewers. It was great to know that I wasn’t alone in my creative journey.

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Meredith Woolnough - Season 4 | Ep 8

Colour In Your Life Meredith WoolnoughSince my 'Colour In Your Life' episode aired I have had a flood of interest in my work from across the country. The show exposed me to a huge new audience that I wouldn't have been able to reach alone and I still continue to get emails from people who have seen me on 'Colour In Your life' enquiring about sales and workshops.

The episode itself is a fabulous promotional and educational tool. Since my work uses a unique process that often requires detailed explanation it's valuable to have this great video reference to direct people to, so that they can get a deeper understanding of what I do, and how I do it.

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Cheryl Findlay - Season 6 | Ep 3

Colour In Your Life Cheryl FindlayHi Graeme and Sophia,

I would just like to thank you both for such a wonderful day last Wednesday. Your ability to create a calm atmosphere makes the process of filming seem more relaxing to those who are not used to it.

My family, friends, and students are all so excited about the show and we are all looking forward to the viewing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day with both of you and as I have said before, and will say again, THANK YOU.
Please remember if you are ever in Melbourne and you need somewhere to stay, do not hesitate to give Shane and I a call.

Hope this finds you both well,
Speak soon
~ Cheryl Findlay - Wood Be Crafty

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Leisa O'Brien - Season 1 | Ep 11

Colour In Your Life Leisa O'BrienMost of you will remember the television show I was featured on a few years ago now... It's called "Put Some Colour In Your Life". Well, the creator of the show - Graeme Stevenson - along with his amazing crew, have now taken the show International. I just received an email the other week from a lady who watched my episode on a Virgin flight from LA to Brissy!!! An artist who is considering going on this show should remember that you will have exposure to a market beyond your local or regional or interstate gallery, and it will be seen repeatedly for years to come!!!

Graeme has done so much work - at the disadvantage of promoting his own career - for Australian artists and continues to do so. He's constantly looking for ways to further promote the show and artists. An artist who was recently on the show had commented that she just sold an artwork that was seen on her episode and Graeme's reply was... "Well the proof is in the pudding guys, now Carolyn is in the mix to travel the globe with the series, so what do you think might happen in the coming years when the rest of the world gets to see the series and all of the Artists as well? I think the penny is finally dropping for most artists and they can now see that they can have a global audience instead of just a few people wandering into your local gallery. Well done Carolyn and to all of the Artists that have had great results. The world will now know who you are." ~ Graeme.

I sold my painting I did on the show the day after my episode aired after several enquiries - some texts within minutes of the show ending!!!!!!!

If you are following me and you are an artist - I highly recommend joining the Colour In Your Life website (family) - it's free and uploading your artwork to share and network with other artist, art lovers and investors of art.

Unfortunately, painting is still my third job but one day - and that day is coming - it will be my FIRST priority and Colour In Your Life will be a huge part of that. As artists, we tend to be intrinsic in our thinking and yet we are scattered all over this beautiful country - all struggling along - individually and quite often facing the same hardships, frustrations and upsets. Colour In Your Life is a common ground for us to connect with each other and act as a united representation of our art.

I made a huge decision this year to increase the priority of my art as it was delegated to 9pm to 2:30 am a few rare evenings a week. I found a studio to rent and made a commitment to myself to market my artwork as cost-effectively and as cleverly as I could as this year was my last chance – before having to dedicate myself to a more reliable and consistent source of income!

Becoming a member of the COLOUR IN YOUR LIFE website and uploading my artwork has undoubtedly been the single smartest and most rewarding thing I’ve done for myself and my art. It offers us (artists) a free platform to connect our unique product with an Australia wide and worldwide audience, whilst at the same time, showcasing our work to other creative minds for endless networking and marketing possibilities.

As my passion lies in the “thinking” side of creativity, I am greatly impressed by Graeme’s mentality of sharing an insight into the mind of artists. We do think differently to most people but if you look at the ongoing effect that exposing left-brain dominant people to our creative ways, they are winners all around. We can build a better connection and understanding to our prospective buyers (educating your market about your product is paramount to instil its value to them) and they can benefit from a wider view on many right-brained concepts and advantages in both their personal and work lives.

Finally, I must thank the production team for my TV episode as I saw from the day of filming to the final product – what skill, patience, intelligence and dedication went into the editing and production of the show. The human mind manifests itself in three main forms – thought, feeling and will. I for one believe that this television show, “Colour In Your Life”, appeals to such a broad range of people in all of these ways that it will only grow and grow from here. If you are considering being part of the show or even if you have any benefit to gain from being part of the website artist community- please spread the word. Empowering this show and this online artist community is going to benefit all of us and we can watch the world change a little for the better!

Just a note to add- I sold the painting from my episode a day after it went to air, I have been overwhelmed with people contacting me saying how inspired they were and that they’ve started painting again and I even have people booking me in for private tuition sessions later in the year and requests for workshops all around the country! Thank you “Colour In Your Life" and thank you Graeme!

Visit Leisa's profile
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Mealie Batchelor - Season 1 | Ep 1 - Season 3 | Ep 5 - Season 5 | Ep 13

I have been a practicing visual artist for over 25 years, working as a professional graphic designer in the first half of my career plus many involving myself in the Brisbane and Melbourne art scene before moving to my little slice of heaven in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. This is where I have set myself up with a small Gallery/Art House in the beautiful town of Murwillumbah where I discovered that Graeme Stevenson, a world-renowned artist, lived only a few streets away. When I saw a local newspaper article promoting his ‘Colour In Your Life’ TV series, I knew right then and there that this would be an amazing way to showcase and promote my artwork.

Filming with Graeme and his wonderfully talented team has been an amazing experience for my confidence and skills as a professional artist. Not only has the ‘Colour In Your Life’ TV show opened a doorway to getting my art shown to a nationwide audience, but the CIYL website has also helped me network and share opportunities to grow my art business much quicker than I could have imagined. It has definitely been an investment for my future as an artist with ongoing opportunities and exposure for myself and my gallery.

It is so great to be able to watch the talent and exceptional skills of the artists we have in this country and the Colour In Your Life Team certainly portray our creative artisans in a professional, informative and interesting way with a touch of fun. I would recommend any established or emerging artist to experience this unique opportunity.

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Peter Mortimore - Season 1 | Ep 2

Just thought it would be remiss of me not to drop you a line, to thank you for including me in the "Colour In Your Life" family.

Now that the episode has aired featuring myself and my work, the full benefit of being involved is being realized. As you know I was not comfortable with putting myself 'out there' to that degree, but this was firstly put to rest with the professional way you and your team conducted the interview, then cut and pasted to come up with an episode I am delighted to be quite proud of.

The whole concept of 'Colour In Your Life' is exceptionally exciting, for the relatively small investment initially to become involved, I am already reaping substantial rewards since the show appeared on TV 4ME. The amazing thing was that it was not shown once but a number of times during the week, and the viewers who have contacted me since caught the program at various times throughout the week, proving this format really works for the artist involved.

The hard work you did attracting sponsors is fantastic. $1500.00 of artist materials from Chroma Acrylics is nothing to sneeze at, the ease of dealing with this company in acquiring the product has added to the whole exceptional experience.

On a personal note, I would like to thank you for putting this whole thing together in a rare display of total unselfish behavior. An uncommon thing in the 'crazy' Art World we find ourselves involved.

Graeme, you were an absolute gentleman to deal with, and anything I can do to help in furthering this endeavor, I am a phone call away.

I commend the whole experience to any artist hesitating at becoming involved.
My warmest regards,
~ Peter Mortimore

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Nick Broughton - Season 1 | Ep 3

My experience with the Colour In Your Life team was a great one from the concept of my short film to the actual filming of the episode. What happened next was phenomenal. The website enquiries came in at a dozen a day and my eBay store completely sold out, leaving me painting frantically to keep up with the demand.

On top of that people were ringing up about the picture I painted on the episode and now I have been commissioned to reproduce it several times!

If asked if I would like to be involved with Graeme and one of his projects again, I would reply with an absolute “yes”.

Thank you Graeme for your forward-thinking and for including me in Colour In Your Life.
Thanks and regards,
~ Nicholas

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