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Pastel Pencil Painting Techniques with Sandra Temple

Internationally recognised Australian artist Sandra Temple is well known for her highly sought-after wildlife works in all mediums, though throughout Australia she is equally well known for her ability to draw out the artist in each of her students.  In this video, Part 1 of Sandra’s 4-part tutorial on pastel techniques, learn how to block…

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Beginner Watercolour Techniques with Susan Harrison-Tustain

Internationally acclaimed New Zealand watercolor and oil artist Susan Harrison-Tustain’s highly sought-after work will take you on an artistic journey. Susan’s choice of subjects and the naturalistic realism of her painting style enable her to capture more than a subject – she wants the viewers of her work to feel the emotion within the painting. …

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How To Paint Horses In Oil with Kathy Ellem

Kathy Ellem is a realist painter, known for her depictions of Australian rural life. Based in North East Victoria, Kathy has become well-regarded as an equestrian artist, with a passion for painting draught horses. Kathy began painting and sculpting full-time in 2009, and since this time, she has exhibited at least twice a year or more.…

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Light Source Painting Lesson with Rob McGregor

From Rob: “I am a full time painter living in Mt Maunganui. Bold, bright canvases depict the New Zealand I love: its landscapes, people and their leisure-time pursuits. New Zealand coast, flora, beach and seascapes, sunbathers, nudes, café scenes, music and yachts provide content for my canvases. Many of my paintings reflect the summery, coastal,…

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Colour Intensity Techniques with Celia Moriarty

Celia Moriarty creates art to inspire others to see beauty and to want more of it in the world. She believes by connecting with nature and beauty around us we connect with our strongest selves. On Sundays, when Celia was young, her family would walk in the Adelaide hills and spot wildflowers and orchids hidden…

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Acrylic Colour Mixing Techniques with Celia Moriarty

Celia Moriarty is a self-taught artist who engages art to explore positive social change.  Her work is focused on beauty, and using paintings to create positive conversations or actions. From showing the beauty of Australian flora to enticing people to use more Australian natives in their garden; to portrait projects acknowledging excellence, and highlighting the…

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Painting Realistic Flowers in Acrylic with Celia Moriarty

Celia Moriarty paints gorgeous Australian native flowers

Celia Moriarty loved art when she was growing up and was invited to the Royal South Australian as a teenager.  Then however, life intervened and she had to earn a living.  It wasn’t until Celia was over 50 that the call to art brought her back.  From showing the beauty of Australian flora to entice…

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Oil Painting Tutorial – Step by Step – Part 2 with Helen Norton

Helen Norton uses narration on a grand scale in her paintings, presenting the viewer with life as if it is a monumental event, while paying equal attention to identifying the smallest parts of our existence. Her narrative paintings expose our current choices and cultural contributions. Since the earliest paintings and etchings in rock, people have…

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