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Abstract Art Techniques with Donna O’Callaghan

Donna O’Callaghan is an emerging fine artist from Gippsland in country Victoria. Her work features textural abstracts, minimalist compositions and more recently, increasingly complex palettes using acrylics and mixed media on canvas, canvas paper and board. Donna’s strong connection to the ocean can be seen in her art. Her art has a focus on climate…

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Expressive Portraiture with Cherie Medway

Cherie Medway is a multi media artist based in Melbourne. She likes to explore a range of topics from portraits, landscapes, cityscapes and figurative works with a particular interest in fusing the female form with flowers in an abstract interpretation of our co-existence with nature. Her favourite mediums are Acrylic, Oils & Soft Pastels.  She…

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Creating Abstract Art with Olga Megele

Olga Megele is an Australian Artist based in Melbourne, Victoria. The story of Olga’s art started when she started painting again after a long absence. Her work was not how she wanted it to be. It was stilted, stayed and lacking in life. There was no joy because she felt tentative and scared.    Olga…

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Rural Art with Libby Witchell

Libby’s paintings celebrate the passion she has for her rural surroundings and landscape, a wide range of topics including animals, portraits, wildlife, rustic textures of corrugated tin and peeling paint. Libby enjoys creating a mixture of traditional super realist techniques and a fluency with contemporary styles and mediums. She doesn’t like to limit herself to…

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Surface Pattern Making with Tanya J De Wet

In 2015 Tanya pursued a part-time Art career by leaning into her creative side. While working full-time as a Hairstylist, with a 24+ year career that she adored, it was time to retire from it as she and her family prepared to relocate to Australia from South Africa. Tanya J De Wet became a predominantly…

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Sculpting Techniques with Judith Leman

Judith’s attachment to the horse and creative pursuits started at a very early age, owning and riding in equestrian disciplines.  Dogs were very much part of Judith’s household.  Judith’s main source of inspiration is depicting empathy and connection with Horses and Dogs. Consistently drawing and painting horses led to an internationally famed career in Equine…

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Watercolour Techniques with Sandi Lear

With no previous art experience, Sandi began painting in 2012 after a life-changing event. Her first work won Best Emerging Artist and she has since gained a global reputation and collector base, and is a Signature Member of the prestigious Artists for Conservation.  Capturing the essence of her subject with exquisite focus leaving the remainder…

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Portrait Painting Techniques with Sheila Tan

Sheila Tan is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. She has created countless portraits of all sizes, from small cards to large murals. Through her work, Sheila hopes to inspire others to find their creative side—or to possibly find it again. She is inspired by simple moments found in everyday life – walking through Sydney, food,…

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Expressive Painting Techniques with Carmen Jackson

Carmen Jackson is an Australian artist who draws inspiration from the humour and the beauty of the Australian outback, beaches and landscapes. Over the past few years Carmen has used visual arts in oils as a creative meditative therapy for self expression and to express herself through personal grief and loss.  Carmen loves bringing the…

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Abstract Painting Techniques with Graham Eldridge

Graham is a Sydney based artist with over 10 years of experience.  Graham paints almost exclusively in an abstract expressionist colour-field style, using acrylics on canvas for most of his work.  Graham’s paintings are typically colourful and symmetrical, and he aims to produce authentic works of art which are largely minimalist, but which create a maximum…

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