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How to Paint Waves at Sunset with Mark Waller

Imbued with wonderful light and depth, Mark transports us to places we can all relate to, bringing into his artwork the childlike wonder that inspires him every day in his artwork and his life. He is passionate about discovering tiny miracles in the world, and teaching others how to discover these moments.  In the process…

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Paint a Simple Ocean Wave with Mark Waller

Born in 1963 and growing up in Australia, Mark has always looked at the world with curiosity and wonder. This has led him down a lifelong path of making art and later, teaching, which has become both a philosophical and spiritual investigation. It is a celebration of a world of quietness, and yet profound and…

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Painting Mood in a Landscape with Mark Waller

Mark Waller artist

Ever since Mark Waller was a kid, he’s been intrigued and uplifted by simple, natural experiences.  He would lose himself for hours in the bush behind his house looking at nature, and this inevitably spilled over into class.  Mark used to sit and draw pictures of waves instead of doing schoolwork – it was inevitable…

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Fundamental Painting Skills with Mark Waller

Mark Waller artwork

Mark Waller likes to describe himself as a “clown with a paintbrush”.  He has an infectious excitement about the world, and is more than happy to share his unique views with anyone and everyone within shouting distance.     Mark is primarily a realism artist living and working in Lennox Head, Northern NSW. He is well…

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Paint Tropical Water – Refraction with Mark Waller

Painting tropical water – refraction – with Mark Waller.  From Mark:  “Reality is a relative concept. We each construct a version of it that fits our beliefs, relationships and social structures. It appears to me that the structure that we have constructed for ourselves in Australia, is based on a very narrow view of reality,…

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How to Paint Shadows on the Beach with Mark Waller

Mark Waller was born in 1963 in Papua New Guinea, and has been creating ever since he could hold a pencil.  He moved to Lennox Head in Australia in 1973.  Always an “outsider”, Mark Waller was aware that his perception was different and that he noticed details that weren’t readily obvious to other people. Lennox…

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