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Timelapse Oil Portrait Techniques with Richard Stergulz

In this time-lapse demonstration, follow along with Rich’s process for painting this mysterious portrait titled “Got A Light?” using oil paints, in this #24 series of his sketchbook demos. Richard is a master of bringing human character to life, and his use of colour to create expression and depth in the human face is incredibly…

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Flower Painting Watercolour Techniques – Part 4 Timelapse Demonstration with John Hulsey

John Hulsey, master watercolour artist, author and teacher, brings you Part 4 of his 4-part time-lapse series in painting an Iris in watercolour. Constance Berdan Sherman (artist and faculty member of a specialized branch of the State University of New York) wrote in the catalogue accompanying the exhibition, The Forces of Nature at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of…

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Flower Painting Watercolour Techniques – Part 3 Timelapse Demonstration with John Hulsey

 John Hulsey is a nationally recognised artist and accomplished master painter in watercolour, oil and pastel.  A sought after teacher who has been teaching painting for more than 35 years, Hulsey maintains an active studio practice along with his international and domestic teaching commitments.   John and his painter wife, Ann Trusty, founded The Artist’s…

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Flower Painting Watercolour Techniques – Part 2 Timelapse Demonstration with John Hulsey

John’s art has been featured in American Artist magazine, Watercolor Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur magazine and International Artist Magazine, where he was named a Master Painter of the United States.  He has been awarded residencies by the National Parks Service at Glacier National Park, Yosemite National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Watercolor magazine featured…

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Join the Mcann’s workshops this May

Barry Mcann Fundamentals Art Classes

Colour in Your Life Artists, contributors and friends- Barry And Lucy McCann Fine Art are now offering Personal AND Group Online Art Classes. ART CLASS 1“The Fundamentals in Watercolour Painting”Lucy has designed this class to help you to start painting. Let’s start at the beginning…learning about the types of brushes, paper, and paint. Continuing with design,…

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Alan James Online Watercolour Courses

Alan James is offering new courses on Thinkific! Watercolor Complete Watercolor Complete Levels: Beginner to Intermediate. In this course I will take you through all the essentials to become a complete watercolor artist. What we will cover: Materials, Drawing, Composition, Washes, Brushstrokes, Techniques. Watercolor Secrets Watercolor Secrets This video course contains 4 lessons on how…

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Portrait Oil Sketching – Timelapse Demonstration with Richard Stergulz

Richard Stergulz is an incredible and accomplished artist, renowned for his work in capturing the nuance of human expression in his portraits.  We are so fortunate to have Richard on our team as our West Coast US Colour In Your Life Host! Here’s some more info about Rich. In Richard’s signature timelapse “Sketchbook Demonstrations”, he hones his portrait painting…

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