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Be a Colour in Your Life Ambassador!

CIYL ambassador program

Do you LOVE Put Some Colour in Your Life?  Do you know artists who you think would benefit from being on the show? Why not join up for our CIYL Ambassador program and get a kickback for each artist who we film because of you. As a featured artist, you know the benefits of being…

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Magazine Advertising or a CIYL TV Show?

Video vs Art Magazines

Should I choose a magazine ad or a video? All successful artists need to do a certain amount of marketing and promotion. A website with products on sale and a good social media presence is the fundamentals of your marketing but, you still need some form of funnel to lead clients to your website to…

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What is your USP? Art Marketing Tip

Unique selling proposition

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is your competitive edge Once you start thinking about your art as a business, so many other things come into play. Just like any other business,  art businesses need to think about what makes them different from every other business.  What makes you stand out? In the marketing world, the…

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South Australia Visual Artist Call Out: 2020

Colour in Your Life South Australia Visual Artist call out

 Have your art in front of an audience of millions! We are looking forward to head to South Australia in 2020 to film some fantastic artists! Are you ready for us to film you yet? Don’t  just believe us, believe the artists we have filmed…there are about 250 of them!  Our artists are constantly sending…

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