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Be a sponsor and invest in our vision for the future and in your favourite artists.

Why Colour In Your Life?

Global Reach
The  CIYL TV Series is a digital record of the many varied talents and techniques of visual artists. The show has had over 20 seasons and has recorded hundreds of artists across the globe gaining hundreds of millions of of viewers worldwide.

Social Media Presence
The CIYL TV shows are seen on many social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo, Opera TV and a smart TV App. They have been purchased by libraries, universities, colleges, school, jails, and other educational institutions from around the world. The show is also available for television stations around the world. It is currently screening in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Austria,  Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, South Africa and the UK on over 300 stations.

Art Community
Colour in Your Life website is an international arts hub as well as a gallery, a shop and an art business directory. It hosts an international community forum so creative knowledge can be shared and international relationships can be built through conversations.

Ramey Dixon on Colour In Your Life

"Art and what is does for our society is incredibly important to the spirit and souls of all that see it."

Graeme Stevenson

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We have massive global reach! Check out our Stats!

YouTube Subscribers
YouTube Views

Sponsorship Packages

The following packages outline the exceptional marketing opportunities available to our sponsors.

Most of our shows are supported by sponsors. Sponsorship can come in many forms.

You can sponsor one show,

 or a series of shows

like Hobby Craft, did.

See a show sponsored by Hobby Craft here 


and so did the North Burnett Shire Council in  Queensland Australia

see a show sponsored by the North Burnett Shire Council here 


Or you can part-sponsor a show.

 See a show part sponsored by Hydrocryl here 

One of the CIYL shows with the greatest views was sponsored by an art supply store.

See the show sponsored Seniors Art Supply Store here

 Perhaps you want to draw attention to your Art Festival?

 See the show sponsored by the Murwillumbah Art Trail and Destination New South Wales here

Or perhaps you want to draw attention to your location

 See the show promoting Vernal here


Full Sponsorship and Part Sponsorship

Full Sponsorship

When your business sponsors one episode of CIYL featuring your nominated artists- you will:

  1. See an upload of their individually custom made art education episode to our CIYL YouTube Channel
  2. See your promotional material on CIYL Facebook Page
  3. Hear a total of 30 seconds promoting your business in the introduction and conclusion of the sponsored episodes
  4. See and hear the featured artists using and speaking about your products/ services in the sponsored episode
  5. See your business logo in credits of the sponsored episode
  6. See your link and logo on CIYL Website
  7. Receive 1 personal copy of your sponsored program on a USB stick


Part Sponsorship

Part - sponsors can:

  • Contribute funds
  • Provide products to be used on the TV show- paintbrushes, paint, easels etc.
  • Provide a venue – suitable for tourist destinations working in collaboration with the artist  eg wildlife parks, wineries etc
  • Provide accommodation for the film team
  • Provide bike/car hire for the film team

The amount you sponsor depends on the amount of on-air time your product, logo and website receives in the final show.


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Sponsors and Artists Testimonials

Here are some amazing feedback from our sponsors and featured artist

The spark in interest on our products has been huge. We get people contacting us all the time. The beauty of the show is all the thousands and thousands of subscribers are all interested. It's a target audience for us. It's the people who want our products and people who are interested in learning.

Alex Holzer - Hydrocryl Paints CEO

Colour In Your Life

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