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Sponsor an artist and take advantage of the exposure!

sponsor an artist

Is your target audience art lovers or those who are learning to paint?

Is your audience tourists who like experiencing new destinations?

If so, then we may just be the marketing channel that you are looking for.

I would like to invite you to participate in a fabulous marketing opportunity for your product/ business.

Imagine reaching a global audience with evergreen marketing collateral. A video that will never go away. Your business can be promoted forever.

Imagine having your product or business reaching millions of viewers on TV stations in at least 14 countries, and via over seven online platforms including YouTube and Facebook.

Colour in Your Life TV show has filmed hundreds of artists in their studios, over the past eight years in seven different countries.

Founded and hosted by master artist Graeme Stevenson OAM, Put Some Colour in Your Life, aka, Colour in Your Life, is a 24-minute TV show originating In Australia.   It is an art documentary featuring artists in their studios in all their uniqueness

We have a massive fan base with tens of millions of views on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of  subscribers on social networking platforms across the internet.

HobbyCraft UK sponsored 5 artist documentaries. David Woodford was one.

In addition to the show being used for entertainment by TV stations worldwide, artists use the show as a marketing tool to send to galleries, potential clients and for use in their marketing material.  Many artists report increased sales, booked out workshops and interest from all over the world.

Artists pay for this incredible opportunity to have a documentary all about them and their art practice but, more than 50% of the artists have their show sponsored by businesseswho wish to support the artist and take advantage of the global exposure.

Hobby Craft UK took advantage of Colour in Your Life coming to the UK by fully sponsoring five shows. Hydrocryl artist paint company has fully and partly sponsored several artists over the last eight years.  As a result of their exposure, Hydrocryl have opened up in the US and the UK.

Hydrocryl and Red Fog part sponsored this show.
The spark in interest on our products has been huge. We get people contacting us all the time. The beauty of the show is all the thousands and thousands of subscribers are allinterested. It’s a target audience for us. It’s the people who want our products and people who are interested in learning.

Alex Holzer – Hydrocryl Paints CEO

Read more about sponsoring an artist here
Art shop-Seniors Art Supply in Melbourne fully sponsored one of their favourite artists. The sponsored show now has  over 425,583 many views on YouTube.

Sponsors or brand partners can range from tourism businesses and organisations and councils, or large companies or small businesses.

Those who understand that video is the best marketing tool and the in case it will go forever- An evergreen form of promotion.

 Events can sponsor a show or Tourism Organisations
This show  was sponsored by the Murwillumbah Art Trail and Destination New South Wales.
Perhaps you have an artist that you wish to partner with and expose to the world.

Or perhaps you would like Colour in Your Life  to select one for you.

I invite you to get in touch with us. We can send you our latest fan statistics and demographics.

We travel all over the world to film and are always looking for new interesting possibilities.

Read more about sponsoring an artist here

Act now! The world awaits

Don’t hesitate! This is an incredible opportunity! Don’t let it pass you by!

Do some reading and then contact me with your online profile and we can go from there.  Make sure you send you phone number so Graeme can give you a call…

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Natascha Wernick
Business Manager
Uki, Australia

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