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When: 14th Aug 2015

Where: Byron Regional Sports and Cultural Centre

Guest Speaker Graeme Stevenson gives his view of the day

It was an Interesting day doing my talk at Byron Bay. There was a real mix of people there from producers to managers of You Tube and monetization companies for online content.

It was interesting to hear what everyone had to say and the various ways we all went about putting content together.

It still showed me that what we have been able to do over the last five years has been quite amazing and instead of doing things very traditionally we are able to look outside the box and see how all sides of media, can work together.

The way we have modeled our show has not been done before to our knowledge and I’ve even had an ex producers from channel 7 and 10 phone me to ask me how we did what we did. (Getting our show out there with no network or government funding)

When I explained it to him he just said that not too many people saw this type of approach unfolding and the old models of getting an idea and then going to a station for funding have gone.

With so many independent producers scrambling for any dollars or funding that is available it makes it a bit of a blood bath out there.

Colour In Your Life on the other hand is on a blue ocean. Artists see the ongoing value in investing in the show as it enables them to have a huge reach with their work. The fact that they get global exposure and some great sales and workshops booked up means that for any investment they make they get their money back and then still have a great tool to promote themselves with in a network that is only getting bigger every day.

We get to cover our basic costs and also work with media distributors to on sell the series and  license. We also revenue share with advertisers to grow the brand.

Due to its great educational platform, all of the Artists will be seen by so many diverse demographics, ranging from children to adults along with galleries and businesses. The world now has a better chance to get to know the Artists behind the images.

It still boggles the mind that even now many Artists still do not understand the power of this type of marketing and we are passionate at Colour In Your Life at helping all artists to get on board. Another great type of marketing for businesses is digital marketing, you can visit the Digital Agency Rankings site to learn about the different companies who can help you out.

The Artists that we have are motivated and driven to better their careers and of course this is just a part of that package, enabling them to do just that.

Colour In Your Life is not a panacea for all of an Artists marketing, but it can form a part of a very strong corner stone that other things can be built on.

As many other producers have said to me, this is the way that Art will be seen around the world in the future. The business model we have built is sound and creative and has the ability to cover the globe eventually. It will help to promote every Artist that is seen or filmed in our system and that exposure will last for eternity.

Many people will still be doing the same thing in ten years time and hoping for a better or different result. 95% of the time that simply just never happens. As technology evolves more and more we need to think outside the box and what better way at the moment then getting on board and sharing with the YouTube and online world, you can even start off and buy Youtube comments!


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