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Reach More With Video Teaser – Online Content

It’s always tricky to know what audiences want these days. The whim and will of popular culture can shift with the breeze. How do you know what content to share? What’s relevant to you, your audience? How can you bring yourself a bigger audience or reach those who haven’t seen you yet? It’s a lot to remember when creating a video and online content. With Reach More With Video, Celia Moriarty will take you through the process of creating online content with a direct, easy-to-follow formula.

The best thing is to start with what you know. It’s probably something your audience can relate to, and it has the added bonus of lending you confidence when you talk about things you’re familiar with. Write down topics that you know might be of interest to your audience - these topics should ultimately make them look, feel, or be better people. How can you make their lives easier? How can you help them sleep better at night - because you helped them solve a puzzle or inspired them to more?

Not to mention, feedback can be incredibly helpful. If you’ve already posted content online, or received comments for videos, images, etc, then look at it. See what people are saying - what people want to see more of.

These are just some of the pointers Celia will go over as she uses her twenty-year history as a Communications Facilitator to explain the wiring in our brains, and how we are hard-wired for certain reactions to certain things.

If you want to know five easy ways to connect with your audience and understand how and why people connect to the content they do, then subscribe to Reach More With Video for upcoming info, teasers, and explanations.

Celia Moriarty

A Colour In Your Life artist of season twenty-two, Celia wants to create art to inspire others to see beauty and want to put more of it in the world.

Though she loved art as a teenager, it wasn’t until she was over 50 that Celia renewed her passion to paint. After a friend booked her into a mystery sketching tour of Melbourne, she was hooked. Her love of Australian plants became the focus of her work, and her paintings became gifts for corporate clients that flew around the world. By showing the beauty of Australian flora and creating portrait projects acknowledging excellence and the need for action and change, Celia uses painting to engage what matters to her.

Celia’s successful business as a communications facilitator taught her that people can achieve amazing things when they use step-by-step processes. Breaking ideas into bite-sized chunks and making information logical and simple might seem obvious, but it’s a game-changer. So it is with learning and creativity. Understanding how the brain engages with the creative process can help unlock your internal artist.


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