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Reach More With Video Teaser – Equipment and Filming on a Smartphone

Equipment and Reach More with Video Filming on a Smartphone

The advancement of technology has taken us

More than just a sleeker, easier way to carry a phone, mobiles are now portable cameras with incredible capabilities. Sure, nothing beats having a dedicated Nikon D7200 Digital SLR, but when you’re on a budget, or just at home and being versatile, what better tech to use than your phone?

On top of the cameras, smartphones now have dedicated accessories to make filming even better. From tripods to gimbals, there’s something out there to help you create a movie-worthy experience, all on your own. You are cast, crew and producer, so make sure it’s something you’d be thrilled for the masses to see.

But what cell phone are you using? What apps are available and what do they do? Have you thought about editing, or are you going to try for a perfect take in one go? Well, Richard Stergulz is here to help with that. Using his mobile to capture and create episodes of Colour In Your Life, Richard knows how to use his tech and devices to get the best shot, and now, he’s going to show you.

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Richard Stergulz

A featured artist and host of Colour In Your Life (season 12), Richard Stergulz is an Illinois native who knew at eight years old he wanted to be an artist. Graduating from the American Academy of Art in Chicago in 1983, Richard had a successful commercial art career for 12 years. Moving to California in 1995, he began painting for himself in a realistic style with a touch of Russian impressionism.

Richard works in oils on Masonite board. His work is mostly figurative and he has started Plein air painting as much as possible. He teaches class four days a week as well as doing demos for most of the Art Associations in San Diego and Riverside counties. His work hangs in galleries in Santa Monica, Idyll wild, and Vista, California. His paintings have won numerous awards from Best of Show to People’s Choice.

Richard is also involved with the creation of the Green Art House. The Green Art House’s retreat will be a haven for the artist to tap into their creative genius away from the annoying things that life can throw at you. Comfort and the feeling of peace will surround you as you contemplate your next masterpiece.


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