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Reach More With Video Teaser – Music

Lights, camera, action! You’ve filmed your work, you’ve cut the footage into something you’re happy with, and now you’re thinking about sharing it. But have you got the right music for it?

There’s a misconception out in the world that only using 5, 15 or 30 seconds of a song is acceptable, but in actuality, it does in fact violate copyright law. If you’ve used music in your videos that doesn’t belong to you, or you don’t have a license for it, you may (or may not) be surprised to see places like YouTube remove or block your content.

In the early days of Colour In Your Life, we too suffered the YouTube wrath of blocked videos, until we could prove we had a license for the music we were using.

Not to worry though, because Celia Moriarty and Sophia Stacey are going to provide some nifty tips for putting music in your videos, as well as where you might find some royalty-free music to use.

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Celia Moriarty

Colour In Your Life artist of season twenty-two, Celia wants to create art to inspire others to see beauty and want to put more of it in the world.

Though she loved art as a teenager, it wasn’t until she was over 50 that Celia renewed her passion to paint. Her love of Australian plants became the focus of her work, and her paintings became gifts for corporate clients that flew around the world. By showing the beauty of Australian flora and creating portrait projects acknowledging excellence and the need for action and change, Celia uses painting to engage what matters to her.

Celia’s successful business as a communications facilitator taught her that people can achieve amazing things when they use step-by-step processes. Breaking ideas into bite-sized chunks and making information logical and simple might seem obvious, but it’s a game-changer. So it is with learning and creativity. Understanding how the brain engages with the creative process can help unlock your internal artist.


Sophia Stacey

Colour In Your Life videographer, Sophia Stacey, has been there from the beginning. A Filmmaker, Editor, and Director with extensive experience in documentary television film and video production, music video, and independent documentaries, Sophia focuses on the genres of art, nature, and music.

Sophia studied Film and Music at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. She has worked on and produced a wide range of documentaries, music video clips, and television advertisements. She is the owner of MaZuma Productions and has been the head of the Production Team for the Colour In Your Life TV Show since 2010. As part of her role with Colour In Your Life, she also presented the series from time to time, and her effervescent personality and inherent positivity instantly puts people at ease and shines through the screen.


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