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Reach More With Video Teaser – Art Marketing Basics

Are you unsure how you should be promoting yourself? Do you want to see your art and your message reaching more people? Have you considered the different avenues to professionally promote yourself?

Art business coach, Natascha Wernick, has been coaching artists, makers, and creators for twenty years. Offering business support, coaching, workshops, and presentations for art businesses and organizations, Natascha is here to help and make sure you’re ready to market your art to the world.

In Reach More With Video’s ‘Art Marketing Basics’, Natascha will guide you through creating your biography, working on your elevator pitch and portfolio, as well as looking at your competitors, and establishing your goals, just to name a few things.

Having a solid foundation for yourself is the best way to begin as you branch out into the digital art world. Setting realistic expectations and timelines creates achievable goals, and this, in turn, generates feelings of success and accomplishment. If you want to know more about Art Marketing and how to establish yourself moving forward, then be sure to subscribe to Reach More With Video for updates and promotional information.

Natascha Wernick

Natascha offers business support, coaching, workshops, and presentations for art businesses and organizations through ‘Art Business Coaching’. With Colour In Your Life, Natascha liaises with hundreds of artists, marketers, TV networks, art organizations, and galleries from around the world, including the USA, New Zealand, the UK, Hong Kong, and Australia. As the Colour In Your Life Business and Marketing Manager, Natascha brings twenty years of experience in the creative industries to those who need it most.

Natascha has been working with artists, supporting them with everything from attitude and visioning, time management and organization, planning and preparing for events or sales opportunities, websites and social media, content, and sales strategies, and just about everything in between.

After organizing more than a hundred events and festivals, Natascha has extensive experience in grant writing, event management, planning, and marketing. Her Ebook, 'How to host an event in a small village', published in 2012, became part of the new resident's welcome package in villages in the Tweed Shire, Australia.
Natascha has founded and managed two different not-for-profit art organizations and has considerable experience in setting up an art organization, sponsorship management and budgeting, meetings and minutes, conflict resolution, and volunteer management and is happy to advise on any aspect of organizational management. Reach out to Natascha via her LinkedIn.

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