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Richard Stergulz Workshop – Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from the recent workshop with Colour In Your Life and Richard Stergulz.

‘Thank YOU ALL for organising such a fabulous workshop. A great artist doesn’t necessarily mean a great teacher, but Richard was totally exceptional.

The way he sees individuals ability and makes suggestions/comments based on that is so special and encouraging.  I did some workshops by different artists in the past, but this one was far more enjoyable and learnt a lot in many ways.  Many of us probably knew basics, but I believe it is always good to go back to basics and remind ourselves because you may know lots of things in theory but not necessarily applying in practical way.  So big THANK YOU to Richard. Hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as we did, Richard.

I’ve already told many other art friends to keep an eye on future workshops by CIYL, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you could bring together for us.  Thank you, Graeme and Jo.’
– Atsuko

A few snippets from Andrea’s incredible feedback form!

‘The workshop was well paced, appropriate to my learning needs, and loved starting with anatomy and working up from there.

It was a fabulous space – what a location! In the last session on Sunday it became more apparent about how that space could be better used in future workshops with that number people (I appreciate that you guys were also learning from the experience too).

Was Richard’s teaching a positive learning experience?
Absolutely! I don’t know if he’s been trained in adult learning methods, but he certainly managed a good mix of didactic delivery and facilitated student-centred learning. Michael (Mills) and I are both experienced academics in different disciplines, and both have awards for teaching; we were able to easily note what worked and why, and both valued Richard’s style (compared to many of our colleagues in academia). There’s an axiom about “teachers don’t teach – learners learn” which presumes a focus on student-centred facilitation – Richard certainly gets it!

Was Richard professional?
Absolutely. Some people equate social distance and formality with ‘professionalism’ in teaching – there is no evidence to support that stance. Richard appears to be quite natural as a facilitator of adult learning.

Overall enjoyment of the workshop?
Mmmm…about a 9 I think :-)

Thanks Graeme – thoroughly enjoyed it and will complete my portrait of you, if only to have one that doesn’t end up going to its subject. Learned heaps and lots of little gems that helped clarify some blocks I’ve been experiencing. Keep up the good work and congrats on the OAM – very well deserved :-) ‘
– Dr. Andrea J. Quinn

To see Richard’s episode with Colour In Your Life click here!

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