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Jen Denise

“Cherry Venture” Reproduction (Copy)


Image size: 30 cm x 22 cm with 2 cm border.
320 gsm elite rough archival paper. 
Available Quantity: 100
A quality reproduction of Jen Denise Stark’s “Cherry Venture”.

100 in stock (can be backordered)


Your quality reproduction was produced by Art House Reporductions Bowen Hills Brisbane using archival paper and inks.

Jen Denise Stark reproductions comes rolled and ready to frame.

My Story:
I was in grade one when we lived abroad the monstrous ship “The Cherry Venture”, with my family of seven. “MY DAD”, Roderick Arthur Latcham was contracted to refloat the vessel at Double Island Point in 1973 after a storm forced the ship to shore.
What an experience it was for us kids. Myself, 5 years of age, Sonya 17 months older than me, Michael 2 years, Helen 11, John 15 and of course Mum and Dad all resided on the Cherry Venture. These are my memories.
…Picture us all crammed into a scout car/ferret racing down the beach with the ocean lapping our big wheels on one side and high cliffs very close on the side. We raced along the narrow strip of wet sand, I held on for dear life, looking up at the cliffs as they raced by. I remember thinking if we go left we are dead if we go right we will drown. We have only one way to go, forward.
Everyone seemed to be having fun but I was petrified. With no understanding of why we were there, I was not expecting the huge ship that awaited us. The Cherry Venture was daunting, mysterious and intimidating to a 5 year old, but turned out to be the most memorable time in my young life.
As we raced along the beach I saw a dark shape gradually appear into view as we sped forward. The shape transformed into the biggest thing I had ever seen. The Cherry Venture. Here I was walking around a “SHIP”. “What the…”
Next thing I remember we were coming home from grocery shopping and as we drove up and walked toward the Cherry Venture I saw the tide had come in. Oh my!!!! What I saw was the floor of water between me and the ship. I looked up at Mum daunted by what was next. Ok deep breath here we go. If we had left it any later to come home, we would not have made it across the mass of water.
I remember there was some sort of planks we had to walk on to go over the water to the stairs of the ship. Oh my!!! The stairs. I think that was the worst. Attached to the outside of the ship were a set of metal stairs that I thought reached Heaven. Now that was scary!!! We trekked our way up and up and up and up these long narrow stairs with the metal jacket of the Cherry Venture on one side and a thin rail on the other. Oh, and don’t look down. You could fall through.
The beach at our front door, back door, and side doors was fun though. Our back yard was the beach. Mum had bought us these floppy red wide brimmed Coca Cola hats. Sonya and I went playing up the beach some ways along. When we got back Mum asked where our hats were. Oh Blimey!!!! We left them on the beach. (Sonya made me do it.) When we went back to search for our hideous Coca Cola wide brimmed hats, they were nowhere to be seen. What a shame the tide had already swallowed them.
Then there was the time that Sonya and I took my little brother for a stroll on the beach. Hey, don’t judge. We didn’t know any better. We were country kids. Ok, I am not proud of what Sonya made me so but we have apologized to Michael. It could have been worse.
Ok, you just want the confession don’t you? Here goes. As I said, Sonya and I took Michael for a stroll on the beach. We were happily frolicking in the sand and looking for shells. We decided to give Mike some attention. Remember, our hearts were in the right place but…..
Sonya held one hand and I held the other hand of our little brother. He liked being swung. You know all kids love that. Then we saw some blue bubbles on the beach. Wow, look at that. That pretty. We played with it a little and then we thought Michael would enjoy a swing and a pop.
So as we walked along the beautiful beach swinging our little brother and busting bubbles, we had no idea that these were Blue Bottles and could be poisonous. Any way we popped a few blue bubbles before we took Mike back to Mum. He seemed to get sick of that game. Sorry Mike. Love you.
I remember the kitchen in the Cherry Venture where Mum used to Cook for the work man. It was dark and metal. Not very welcoming. Anyway, I remember asking for a cordial from Mum when one of the workmen said to me, “That will make you drunk”. He ventured off toward the back of the ship. This is where our beds were. I remember Helen changing Michael’s nappy in the cold metal room. She told me that as she was changing Michael’s nappies a voice called out her name. “Helen….” It was no one she knew. As she turned her head she saw the dark shadow of a man walk past the door. It was a ghost that was calling her name. She never forgets that moment. It happened more than once.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm


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