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Chroma DVD Series – The Complete Set 2013



The Chroma Series DVD Pack, featuring all six available Chroma Discs. Rather than purchase each disc individually, purchase the entire collection with 25% off the total price!

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Chroma Series Set One

Amelia Batchelor
Amelia has been a practising visual artist for more than 20 years and now owns and runs a small Art House Gallery in the Northern NSW Region. Amelia is a multi-platform artist with skills based in the mediums of paint, paper, recycling and wire and metal based sculpture, organic sculpture, photography and community art projects. This episode features Amelia painting one of her expressionist fantasy works using acrylic paints.

Peter Mortimore
Peter is a well renown equine artists, working with water colours, oils and acrylics, and the patron of the Mortimore Art Prize. The episode features Peter Mortimore sketching with a red pen, and touching up other pieces with oil paints.

Nicholas Broughton
Artists are often obsessive about their particular discipline and none more so than Nicholas Broughton who considers a day without painting or sculpting to be incomplete. His varied background has no doubt contributed to this fascination for the vibrancy of life that he so confidently depicts in his paintings and sculptures. Nick’s shows Graeme his unique style utilising bitumen and paint on a canvas.

Graeme Stevenson
Graeme takes the viewers into his home studio in this episode, showing them how he brings together one of his incredible pieces. Graeme is the founder, CEO and host of Colour In Your Life, and has been a master artist for over thirty years.

Chroma Series Set Two

David Calrow: David Calrow is a water colour and acrylic artist, who specialises in very detailed surrealism and super realism. David will show everyone how water colours and acrylics work in combination to create his masterful works, as well as how to use an air brush to pick the colour up.

Leisa O’Brien: Leisa O’Brien is a passionate, self-taught artist. Her passion is to be able to capture a moment in life, whether it be a person, a clear wave on a sunny day, or a combination of colours in a second’s glance. Using mainly acrylic paints, with the occasional oils, Leisa likes to get her vision onto canvas as soon as possible, with the first few layers being a fervent frenzy, followed by several layers of refined, loving detail.

Dave Behrens: Inspired by the vast universe, the limitless histories of the ancients and the yet to be told tales of the futurists, Dave creates art that encourages the viewer to be drawn in to explore the unlimited potential of their own imagination. Dave’s works have been described as bringing a sense of sophistication, glamour, and classic simplicity to works that are anything but simple.

Rebecca Phillips: Rebecca Phillips is a talented photographer and acrylics artist who finds inspiration in the natural world.

Chroma Series Set Three

Kerry Thompson
Kerry Thompson an Artist who understands the meanings of Joy colour and life. Kerry was originally a vet and then went onto cartooning and illustrating books. She has a wonderful Philosophy towards life and exudes a great personal energy.

Kylie Farrelly
Kylie works mainly in acrylic, with which she incorporates a variety of media to enhance the textural outcome of her work. Her paintings invite you to feel the energy of each piece. She uses a bold colorful palette to capture the energy she draws from this vibrant young city. Her use of tone in her compositions creates a sense of depth and perspective within her work. The images are not always meant to be realistic but are easily recognisable. The paint is applied in layers of pure colour often using colours that have little resemblance to the real structure.

Tricia Reust
Graeme heads to the studio of Tricia Reust, a multimedia artist and winner of several noted art prizes, including the Mortimore Art Prize. A spectacularly vibrant Artist that uses colour without any inhibitions, letting the idea and the form take shape and then building a story as part of her approach. Tricia is a woman who loves life and also her ability to pass on the great information she has learnt herself over the years. The development of a visual language that successfully communicates her beliefs is a life long goal.

Kath Castle
Kath draws upon her artistic knowledge of light, color, texture, shape, and composition combined with the knowledge and love of her subjects themselves, to create her art. Light can transform even the most mundane of scenes, as well as that which is already beautiful, into something magical. Kath endeavors to capture moments like this in her artwork, in her style, and the essence of life in the wildlife she paints.

Chroma Series Set Four

Wendy Manzo
Wendy Manzo is an expressionist worship artist. She “speed-paints” live in places of worship all around the world and home-base is DaySpring, Sydney. Wendy facilitates the Prophetic Art Australia group, leads teams of prophetic artists and runs workshops to release people into their own creative expression.

Yelena Dyumin
Yelena Dyumin is a professional artist and art educator who has spent decades perfecting her craft and unique style with its whimsical humour, textural sensitivity and vibrant sense of colour. At the heart of Yelena’s art, and a constant source of inspiration, is her rich heritage. After moving to Sydney in 2005, Yelena began blending her European experiences and classical style with the strong colours and energy inherent in Australian life and nature. This approach inspires her characteristically original and harmonious artwork bridging both cultures.

Jeanette Sellwood
Jeanette enjoys combining people in a natural environment. The ocean, rainforests, sunsets and sunrises create wonderful opportunities for new creative endeavours. Jeanette is also fascinated by people and individual personalities, her portraiture work showing a unique side of each person she paints.

Rebecca Brady
Society, conformity, the quest for perfection and beauty are the foundations of Rebecca’s art making practice. These ideas have a direct relevance to her life and provide a reflection of the world around her In her works, colour can be seen as the symbol of vibration, an intense experience which expands the mind and creates possibilities. Rebecca believes that when colour is interpreted in its purest state and is seen as vivid and dramatic, a new creation can be made.

Chroma Series Set Five

Barry McCann
Barry was born in 1962 in Armidale NSW Australia, where he now lives with his wife Lucy, also a full time artist. Together they run McCann Fine Art, producing, selling and teaching art. Barry’s love of art has taken him to some of the best museums and art galleries in the world where he draws constant inspiration. His subject matter usually involves an animated object with a dramatic light effect and enjoys the constant challenge of trying to portray the illusion of both movement and form with a narrative theme.

Innes McLeod
Innes is the eldest son of well-known Australian painter Christopher McLeod. He was exposed from an early age to the painting styles of many of Australia’s most talented painters, including Jon Molvig and Jon Rigby. Watching these incredible people, Innes found it was also the “artist lifestyle” that appealed to him just as much as the paint. Innes is currently the director for The Coolangatta School of Art.

John Anderson
Working across a number of mediums; ceramics, jewelry, sculpture and painting – John Anderson’s style is deliberately direct, his brush strokes loose and his palette a plethora of natural hues. John’s artwork has an honest style and his approach manifests in a naive acceptance of Australia’s bird and flora species.

Ken Done
Born June 29, 1940, in Sydney, he left school at 14 to enter the National Art School in East Sydney. After 5 years study, he commenced a highly successful career as an art director and designer in New York, London and Sydney. Working predominantly in oils and acrylic, Done takes inspirations from diverse sources – the ebullience of the sea and sky, the transcendent emotions of a quiet garden, aboriginal art, japanese poetry, the urban shout of Sydney, where he makes his home – but the sensibility that underlies his work is uniquely his own.

Chroma Series Set Six

Mark Waller
“Artist Mark Waller has been delighting art lovers with his gorgeous paintings for decades. Imbued with wonderful light and depth, Mark transports us to places we can all relate to, bringing into his artwork the childlike wonder that inspires him every day in his work and his life.
He is passionate about discovering tiny miracles in the world, and teaching others how to discover these moments. In the process of this discovery, often our view of the world is altered, and we regain some of our childlike qualities, which tend to elude us in our adult lives.”

Tracey Creighton
Tracey Creighton is an Australian born artist who knew from a young age that all she wanted was to paint. At the age of sixteen Tracey enrolled in and completed a three-year course at the Queensland College of Art. Tracey continues to develop her style and technique, exploring the unlimited capabilities of oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed medium, with each painting reflecting a vibrant kaleidoscope of colour.

Melissa Ritchie
Melissa Ritchie is a figurative artist with a keen interest in portraiture. Her paintings are vivid, colourful and full of life. Often using a sense of irony to create comedic themes, her paintings are a quirky twist on the traditional portrait. With a background in graphic design, Melissa has a strong understanding of artistic design, typography and creative genres. She uses symbolism and intricate detailing to engage the viewer in a story about the subject of her art pieces.

De Gillett
De’s recklessly sumptuous practice is a kaleidoscope of colour, energy and motion with works running the gamut from a heightened photorealism to a joyously wild and expressionistic interpretation of Australia’s tropics; Birds in flight, bodies dancing, portraits, nudes, Queensland landscapes and Australian flora are some of the varied subject matter explored by this self-taught artist.


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