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Presenting Rock On Gallery – Sharon and Russell Costin – a Flashback Series from Colour In Your Life

Rock On Gallery’s Russell and Sharon Costin were originally filmed for Colour in Your Life in 2011.  In our limited flashback series “Graeme’s Field of Dreams”, we are showcasing several artists from those early years whose episodes hadn’t been shown on our Youtube Channel.  Graeme passionately believes that your dreams can come true, if you plan and believe in yourself and your ideas, and put the time in and learn what is needed to make them come true. We hope you enjoy, and look forward to seeing what the artists are up to now!

Russell’s interest in photography has led him to discover a unique method in photographing the inner beauty of these gemstones, and create stunning visual images that will captivate you with their vibrant colours.  Using a Nikon D700 he creates 3D images and prints them straight from his camera, no manipulation in photoshop whatsoever.  What you see are the true colours and shapes within the gemstones.  Sharon’s graphic design experience is then involved in the presentation of the images.  All images are printed in-house on the world’s best inkjet printers, an Epson 2880 and for the larger format  Epson 9900, which has a fantastic colour gamut with 11 inks including green and orange, and Printed on archival quality full gloss paper or canvas.  They can be purchased framed, mounted or as prints for ease of postage.

Sharon and Russell’s episode is a journey into their process of cutting and polishing semi-precious stones for macro photography and then using dye sublimation and printing processes to turn these fascinating images into abstract art everyone can enjoy!  We hope you can join us for this special episode :)

Contact Sharon and Russell through their websites here:

Rock on Gallery’s episode is a fascinating insight into the process of cutting, polishing and photographing semi-precious stones, as well as then turning these images into works of art! Hope you can join us for this special episode :)

Watch Rock On Gallery’s Episode Here:

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