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Painting Figures in Watercolour – Tutorial with Alan James

The art of Alan James captures the very soul of his subjects with passion, boldness, expression and elegance. His paintings are imbued with mood and mystery that engages and lures the viewer into the magic.

A self-taught artist and musician, Alan James says he has loved art since a young age and was often found perfecting his first self-portraits in school, when he should have been focusing on other studies.

He was drawn to Impressionism because it allows an interaction with the viewer and the use of imagination rather than just presenting a replica of what the artist sees.

Alan’s favorite subjects to paint are city street scenes in the rain because of the reflection of light created by the water and the overall feeling the paintings create.

Being self-taught poses its own set of challenges, and Alan has done his part to help others along the path through publishing two instructional videos, Watercolor Secrets and “Letting It Flow.

His advice to other artists? Follow your heart and work at it every day to become better.

In this short tutorial, Alan explains his process for painting figures in watercolour, including the use of perspective and simple brush technique to create dynamic, expressive figures.

Alan is also our host of Colour In Your Life East Coast USA.

Watch Alan’s Tutorial Here:

For Alan’s original show on Colour In Your Life, click here.

And for more of Alan’s work, click here

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