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Nervous about being filmed by Colour in Your Life? Read these tips from our artists.

Colour in Your life Nervous about being on the show?

For those of you getting ready to make an episode with Colour In Your Life, our artists thought you might like to hear from those who have made an episode, on ways to make the most of your experience. 🙂 

It can be intense leading up to film day, but if you can focus on how to serve viewers who watch and then check out your website after the show, it will be SO WORTH IT.

Fiona Valentine We all get to share our website address on the show. Make the most of this by planning a clear Call To Action for your audience once they head to your website- what do you want them to do and where do you want them to go. Sign up for a workshop? Buy your paintings? People will be coming to your website for a long time and you want to make their next step easy!

Amanda McLean I was still trying to decide the night before. I wrote cue cards and gave them to Graeme so he could ask me all the right questions. Worked a treat !

Fiona Valentine 

  • I’d add leaving room in your schedule to answer calls and email the week after the show airs.
  • Have dates/ prices handy to answer questions and take a second to remember this could be a CIYL viewer and answer your phone professionally.
  • I know this seems obvious, but if you have made an episode early on in your art business/career and you don’t find the “people” side of things easy, it’s worth taking a little time to rehearse how you will handle the attention that happens immediately after the show.

John Hulsey 
Preparation is paramount.

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