Why We Need to Charge for Content

2016 has, so far, been a great year for Colour In Your Life. We turned 5 years old, surpassed 5.7 million views on YouTube and have set off on our second USA trip filming more and more artists across the world. We’ve launched our Vimeo on Demand Pages and retained our super talented and hard working team.
That said, we want to continue creating great TV episodes and promoting artists on as many platforms as possible. We have a great hunger to deliver happiness in the most authentic & innovative way.
In order for us to do that, we’re going to be making a few bold, but important and well justified changes.

• Membership of $12 per month on our website will allow access to all our titles.
• Our episodes are now available to buy or rent as individual titles or as complete series.

While these titles are currently still available on YouTube for free we are hoping that our community can understand the need for funding in order for Colour In Your Life to continue. We have managed to bring the show to our fans for free for over 5yrs now and unfortunately we need funding to be able to keep bringing this amazing show to our fans.

Our hope is that our community support us, by each paying a small fee to be a member on our site so that we can continue to bring the arts to everyone. Unfortunately nothing in life is free, as much as we would love to be able to give away every episode forever we just don’t have the money to do so.
Our hearts are in the right place and our ultimate vision and mission still remains: we want to promote artists across as many global platforms as possible.
By improving on our business model, we believe that we can do this even better going forward. And more importantly, we can do it sustainable, without the threat of eventually going out of business.
Feel free to use the comments below to talk to us about this, or just to share your opinions / concerns. Please be constructive though.

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