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  • traceyleedawes and Profile picture of Cheryl FindlayCheryl Findlay are now friends 5 years, 8 months ago

    • Hi Tracey,

      I recognize your “drama” :-)

      Some years ago I was “artist in residence” with a gallery owner, who wanted to launch my watercolors on the European continent. But, he said that I had to find my style first, because my paintings looked too different… He asked me to think about what kind of style I could stand working with for a long time, and stick to that so that people could see it was made by me. I looked at all my pictures and decided about a certain kind of paintings that I had much fun in doing. Unfortunately I was only able to hang my new watercolors in Kitzbuhel, Austria, before the gallery owner suddenly died of a heart attack, the gallery was closed, and I was on my own again.

      But I want to pass on to you the advice of an American art teacher, who told me that if I painted no matter what at least two hours a day, I would develop my own style, unconsciously. The brain and the hands would learn a certain way of working together, without my personal interference, so to speak. And I have found that whatever motive I want to capture, I have my own unconscious way of representing it, that in the end makes it look like “me”. This teacher also told me to change my palette once a year, by swapping a couple of colors (just 1 or 2) for others. And also at least once a year to leave my comfort zone, trying things I don’t believe I can do. My painting style would follow in my tracks, he promised me.

      Most famous painters change their style after some years, when they find that their way of painting has become a boring routine. All the same their work most often continues to bear their signature, because the brain and the hands have developed their own special way of cooperating.

      I wish you good luck finding your style!

      • I love this advice. My biggest hurdle is finding my style. I think I just need to relax and paint consistently and my style will develop on its on.

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