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Thomas Maloney is a young manager operating at the South Brisbane Supercheap Storage outlet. He’s had a history operating in the self storage industry because his family members are also in the self storage industry! They opened the business in Gold Coast in 2012 and Thomas was intrigued by how the idea worked.




Up to that point, Thomas had been studying to be an accountant at the University of Queensland. After completing his degree, he worked for a while in a company as their dedicated accountant and in the meantime started to look at the operations and requirements of running his own business.




His family being in the line was a natural influence and he found himself looking at the options for mobile storage within Brisbane. When the opportunity to license a franchise with Supercheap Storage, Thomas jumped at the opportunity and has been hard at work building his storage empire ever since.




And what an empire he has so far. As a manager there are a lot of things for Thomas to consider including the everyday operations that make Supercheap storage in City of Ipswich excel in its industry.




The reason why Supercheap Storage has been so successful is because it has exceptionally designed units and a super-efficient system that allows the company to internalise all the work. With the amount of control on the daily procedures and having a good standard of procedure in place, Supercheap Storage Brisbane South is able to focus on providing their customers an extremely high level of service.




Supercheap Storage will take over everything! Including organizing the transport, the packaging and packing, the loading of the unit, and even the payment system – everything is made simple and convenient with us. We also ensure that our friendly service staff are on the ball with your requests, just give them a call and they respond within 24 hours.




When you call us, we’ll help you to figure out exactly what would be the best suited for your situation. You get to choose how much help you need and you can be assured that whatever services you end up selecting, you’ve got a team of highly qualified and well-trained staff to help you out! All our guys are AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalist Association) certified and that means that whatever you need them to pack and move around, whether heavy or fragile, we’ve got the experience to help you get the job done.




Besides that, you can find out more about our storage plans while on the phone too! Your belongings can be stored for as long as required at our Supercheap Storage facilities and the storage prices Brisbane are very low due to the fixed prices and the efficient system in place. Our warehouses are routinely upgraded with the latest technology in high security and alarm systems ensuring the ultimate safety for your unit and precious items within.

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