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Stephen Eyre Giderson

About Me

One thing that Stephen Eyre Giderson aims to do in this life is to go on as many adventures as possible. As it is, his love for art and music take him between Australia and Indonesia often enough and whenever he has the opportunity to travel, he takes it! With Super Easy Storage in Melbourne Central, Stephen is going on a new kind of adventure – as the Storage Facility Director for our Melbourne branch of the franchise! Our self storage services have been able to satisfy customers all over Australia and even if they are at a total loss as to how to take care of a big move to self storage, they can count on us all the way! Our range of services include transportation and packing and our trained and experienced removalists are able to bring the portable module directly to our customers’ location! We are proud to be able to offer you all that you need for self storage, all under one roof. Give us a call and find out just how affordable our services really are!

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