• Blues

    I like how the different shades of blue are able to appear together in a single composition without outshining one another. In fact, they further help one another to create a beautiful contrast so that each and every single one of them gets to shine.

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    Digital painting

  • Koi carp

    The ripple effect does help to further eccentuate the stunning nature of water. Look at how the carps come alive with their vibrant colours shining across the pond.

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    Koi carp

    Oil painting
    760cms x 705cms

  • Yes I still believe

    A simple yet so meaningful painting. The poetry adds even a deeper understanding of the message that you wish to convey. Every single day brings a new ray of light into our lives and we should appreciate and be thankful for every blessing.

  • Yes I still believe

    I love you because you have never let me down I hope in you, as you, are the truest friend I’ve found I need you and I’m grateful, we’ll always be together I believe you, when you say forever Holy, holy, holy, Lord What a great God you are Holy, holy, holy Lord You fill my hea…[Read more]

  • Quoll's

    These adorable creatures look too realistic! Even the spots are spot-on and the detailing on their fur is extraordinary!

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    Pastel on paper

  • Top Lake Merimbula NSW

    Elements of nature get to stand out so much more when combined with man-made features like structures. See how the water is able to calm the whole composition down without even trying.

  • Top Lake Merimbula NSW

    Mixed Media painting on paper using Acrylic, Charcoal, Ink, Pastel, tissue paper, sand & paper bark (on boatshed)

  • Crazy

    Your artwork is always so passionate and expressive and they move me so much. Your captions are also always so captivating and mean so much more than just mere words. When both combine, you get to create a meaningful piece of art.

  • Woman at Tap

    A soft and simple style is always pleasant to look out. I think this mode of painting would be suitable for most portraits with persons or animals as the main subjects regardless of their angles.

  • Lilies in the forest

    Beautiful distinctive strokes underneath the lilies in the water. They give off such a soothing aura and they are so calming to watch. I love how the background is blurry to focus on the main subject up front.

  • Street View, Tuchan

    I wonder if those are people on the roof of the building. Aside from that, the streets look rather calm and relaxing that illustrate a friendly neighbourhood.

  • Each Sunset

    That’s lovely. What a better way to celebrate y our faith, than with a spot of art hey!

  • Don't protect me

    Isn’t it wonderful to have gone through life knowing that you’ve created such precious souls. Family is everything isn’t it! And to be able to capture their likeness and appreciate these beings for what they are is a whole other level! Happy for you and love your art! Thank you for…[Read more]

  • Don't protect me

    My precious grandbabes.

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    I am 15 miles from Green Art House. I signed up for a class today. I could not make it. When I was young I had no time. Today I had time. Just not so young. Thank you Colour in Your Life, and Green Art house. I for one am extremely grateful for the Internet that allows me to stay…
    [Read more]

  • Encaustic Artwork

    I am an encaustic artist living in Bala, Wales in the UK and I have been working with beeswax for 11 years. I begin a piece by setting down layers of pure beeswax and damar resin. I create texture and a weave of wax upon which I can express the narrative of the work I am…[Read more]

  • Blossum Shine

    Photographic design, based on my original image- available as print on a variety of mediums- contact me for more info

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