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For buildings to earn verification, each property must undergo a rigorous process through UL’s Verified Healthy Building Program consisting of desktop audits, on-site visits (including visual inspections and performance testing) and laboratory testing to evaluate the range of building space conditions. Upon becoming a verified UL Healthy Building, properties must adhere to additional monitoring twice a year to continuously confirm excellent indoor air quality performance in order to maintain the UL verification.

Within KBS’ extensive portfolio, 46 properties have earned a UL Verified Healthy Building verification. Some of the properties include:

  • Main & Gervais, a 186,303-square-foot property in Columbia, South Carolina
  • The McEwen Building, a 175,262-square-foot mixed-use asset in Franklin, Tennessee
  • 1000 Continental, a 205,424-square-foot property in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
  • Dulles Station East I, a 186,922- square-foot mixed-use asset in Herndon, Virginia
  • Salt Lake Hardware Building, a 210,256-square-foot Class A asset in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 515 Congress Ave, a 263,058-square-foot Class A office tower in Austin, Texas

In addition to the Healthy Building verifications, KBS has implemented recent renovations at its properties to provide eco-friendly amenities for tenants, such as modernized HVAC systems and bipolar ionization that can sanitize indoor air more effectively, as well as kebun binatang surabaya tiket building apps that activate touch-free entrances and elevators. Other unique amenities include beehive installations at seven KBS property including 3001 / 3003 Washington Blvd in Arlington, VA, 1000 Continental in Pennsylvania and most recently at its Carillon property in North Carolina, which helps the bee population repopulate, providing jars of local honey for tenants to enjoy. In addition, these include biophilia inside buildings and water conservation tactics to help lower the firm’s ecological footprint. Additionally, the firm is continually researching new ways to incorporate environmentally friendly amenities at its properties such as achieving sustainability through LEED certification, integrating EV car-charging stations, and internet connectivity through WiredScore status.

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