• Morning Mists

    This could definitely be a setting of some futuristic movie. A whole town and community living high up in the clouds. And damn if I don’t think I’ve seen something similar in a Ghibli or anime movie of sorts! It’s a really nice scenario to think about being in myself![Read more]

  • Morning Mists

    Pitigliano watercolour 530 x930mm

  • Still want peace...

    A lot of thoughts going on in here I think! The final artwork is actually pretty lovely though. Those butterflies are particularly striking!

  • Still want peace...

    1968—love never hate
    1969—this world is mine
    1971—adulthood begun
    1972—I married you
    1975—ambition alive
    1978—can I still relate
    1983—3 children from me
    1990—hay-days behind me
    1994—Vice President Albert Gore
    1997—Mother Teresa home in Heaven
    [Read more]

  • After The Horse Has Bolted

    It is always a challenge for me to paint textures and bricks are one of the many tries I have experimented and yet to accomplish. Great detailings there where the effects are very significant.

  • After The Horse Has Bolted

    This gorgeous old building was originally a saddlery. Although it has been converted, on the inside, the original stone work still shows.
    This painting was created using pyrography (wood burning) as my underpainting and encaustic paint (beeswax,colour pigment)for colour.
    16” x 2…
    [Read more]

  • Baa

    Simple and direct interpretation. The animals look like they do belong there in their herd in their natural habitat.

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    Abstract Sheep

  • River Gorge, Paziols

    Nature could be a challenge to paint sometimes especially when several elements of Mother Nature collide in a single shot. You have done a great job though where the hills, waters, and trees are all accentuated on their own.

  • Clouds

    Great technique to smoothly merge the different hues together which has always been a challenge for me to achieve. I got to brush up on my shading skills to achieve such a neat composition like this!

  • Iron Bull

    Beautiful shadings on the skies! Absolutely love that! The calmness of the clouds helps to softens the bold greenery below against the iron bull. Great overall combo!

  • Refuge

    I love that little heart at the bottom of the spirals. I don’t think a lot of people would notice it right from the get-go but as you slowly start to look at the picture it really starts to stand out. I think that if you were a believer, of any God for that matter, it’d be quite…[Read more]

  • Perigrine Falcon

    Great job! It looks so realistic and the background that is so complicated looks so detailed here. I would hang that picture up in my room anytime!

  • Outer Space

    This is a glorious photo. Makes me feel like it could be an actual depiction of what we would see out in space. I hope that one day we’ll e able to see all of this ourselves in all Technicolor glory! It seems a long way before the average person will be sent up in space…[Read more]

  • Old school house nz

    Reminds me of something that might be found on The Walking Dead. They don’t make little farming cottages like this anymore I reckon. A person would be hard-pressed to find a little house like this even if they are out wandering the fields. It must be a very nice thing to have…[Read more]

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