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  • Paul Henderson posted an update 2 months ago

    “Northwest Artist with an International Touch”

    Paul Henderson has been painting for over 46 years. His work has been shown in several states, especially in the western states and Hawaii. He works in acrylic, oil, watercolor and even ‘COFFEE’ which has been shown on TV. He paints from abstract to super detail, from loose landscapes to creative Fantasy/Space, from Western to Iconic American Indian images.

    He has gone full circle- he started with experimenting and then got more detailed and realistic every year especially with the wildlife paintings that sold through Collector’s Galleries and Collector’s Editions out of Canoga Park, CA. They had 3 galleries in Hawaii and one in Carmel at that time.

    But he decided to take most of 2010 and just experiment again. This has literally set his creative juices on fire and will continue from now on with even more creative experiments in techniques and media. Two such media have been the use of different textured papers and attaching throw-away Styrofoam from packing boxes to the canvas. Most of his abstracts and semi-abstracts lend themselves to dynamic interior décor for corporate, health industry, hospitality and individual homes. He is also doing a series of loose still-lifes of wine settings. The last months he has also been using fluid/pour to create unique abstracts; some mixed with a bit of realism. He loves to create a variety of creative expressions full of life…colorful living images.

    **More detailed biography at

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