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Chamaedorea Palm


The Chamaedorea Palm is a great indoor house plant just like many other indoor palm trees are. If you search app for plant identification, you found it. PlantSpot – the best free plant identification app.


This palm is actually a dwarf of outside growing palms and are a great addition to a hallway or entry way. Fully grown they can reach up to 3 feet in height and 3 feet in width. The parlor palm does not have a spine but a tubular stem with deeply divided green fronds. Palm tree care is fairly simple and with minimal attention you can show off your green thumb.


Temperature & Humidity

Average home temperature and humidity is sufficient. Just be sure to follow the rule of lower temperature at night time.



You can place it in a well lit spot but not in direct sunlight. Even good fluorescent light is great to help it thrive.



Keep soil lightly moist. In the summer water as you would most plants but in the winter you can keep the soil on the drier side. Be aware that the Chamaedorea Palm cam recover from occasional dryness much better than over watering.



Fertilize weekly during Spring and Summer months with a diluted mixture of indoor house plant liquid food – about one third concentration. No food needed for the winter.


If cared for properly the Chamaedorea Palm will give you yellow flowers among its lower leaves after it is about 3 years old. This hardy plant is also great for offices. I recommend occasional misting of the plant and gentle cleaning to maintain its health.

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