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About Me

The more I discover about myself the more I discover how my love of art has been guiding me throughout my whole life. Being new to the social media and computing world I am still muddling my way through this new age way of communication, I do endeavour to learn as much as I can to help with certain challenges with writing and communication.  Feel free to ask me about my life and how art has influenced and supported me in certain situations.

I enjoy many variables of art forms and, love new challenges that spark the inner glow of happiness creativity brings to my life. 2012 bought about an end to my formal career and with determination and the will to never give in to any challenge life may throw my way, I found a way to live within my disabilities. By creating a world of art for myself I am able to show others with disabilities that there is another avenue to life if one chooses to live.

Artists Profile– Narelle Whitham lives in Moulamein, Rural NSW, and is inspired by her family and community.
She has an extraordinary gift of positive energy and believes strongly in giving a dose of happiness to everyone she meets.
Believing, there is good in all situations, she has embarked on a discovery into many practices of visual arts and new techniques. Taking on as various challenges within her limited world, she calls it “Her Abilities within a disability”.


Hence she is on a path of continual knowledge, experimentation, and learning which is augmented by allowing her spiritual and creative energies flow through her art.
Setting out to bring an awareness of the important link Art and Disability can offer individuals, and show the deep connection blended into her individualist talents, which shine through each creative piece.
Narelle strongly understands the importance of giving back to the community, and particularly in inspiring people with disabilities to tap into their creativity and passion.
Her mantra “What you give out to the world should come from the heart” and “you can have my smile” reflect her deep understanding that comes from giving a piece of one’s self to make another’s day brighter. She hopes this will also be reflective and shine through her art.
Narelle also lives by the creed “Painting on canvas, is the same as life”, just add color and you create a masterpiece of happiness.

“We can all be sapphires”- sometimes dark, sometimes flawed, but always with a shine and luster, an extraordinary deepness that can touch your soul is how she sees the qualities of people.


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Artist's DVD

thankyou to SouthWest arts in Deniliquin for this clip.

it was my very first interview as an artist before I actually learnt to make a website, tweet on twitter,  and use facebook. I hope you enjoy listening,  I endeavour to make another clip early next year after my exhibition.

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