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  • My Subconscious Subworld

    I can totally relate to what you are trying to convey across. Sometimes, we overthink over nothing whilst at other times, we blank out on everything. Our minds work wonders so we need to control it very well in order for it to work for us instead of vice versa.[Read more]

  • My Subconscious Subworld

    My subconscious sub world has a mind of it’s own by patsy edelmann when it’s crowded outside, it still feels alone with holes of rectangles and circles within it reshapes triangles, so they can fit in it listens so closely to what it receives then hears what it wants and alr…[Read more]

  • Butterflies

    I can barely draw a 5 petal flower much less get animals and bugs in their right dimensions so this is really quite a very striking and simplistic piece that just gets everything right! I reckon that a lot of people can appreciate that bold use of colour too!

  • Butterflies

    Butterflies are my favourite motif and they appear several times in my paintings, I view butterflies as an extraordinary symbol of transformation and I hope to share that with the viewer through this composition. I was inspired to express messages of hope and belief in oneself…[Read more]

  • Golden Pheasant

    The fine details of the background are intricately emphasized and they are my favourite part of this portrait. The bird is able to stand strong up front with the stunning contrast created behind. Without both elements together, this portrait wouldn’t have happened.[Read more]

  • Golden Pheasant

    Acrylic & Ink on 9″ x 5″ board

  • Photo shoot at Parliament of Victoria

    I am not a huge fan of having my wedding shoots taken beside a landmark regardless of how famous it is. I prefer to have mine taken amidst Mother Nature where the personal charm that it exudes lasts forever like how I would hope for my marriage. Nevertheless, a beautiful sketch,…[Read more]

  • IMG_0822_1.jpg

    The parliament of Victoria is always a lovely place to paint. It is always bubbling with energy with protest march, tourist groups or wedding shoots.

    The wedding photo shoot went on for about half an hour and the couple stood still for quite some time, which enabled me to capture…[Read more]

  • Meadow Hut Welcome

    It has been my dream to retire and settle at a hut within the meadows. It would be a daily motivation to be able to wake up breathing in the fresh air while enjoying the breathtaking scenery just outside my windows.

  • Meadow Hut Welcome

    Acrylic and soft pastel on 300gsm watercolour paper
    Framed using TruVue 99% UV Protective Non reflective glass
    NZD $1100 ex. shipping

  • Newtons Wave

    I’m interested to know what medium you were using for this. It really is quite spectacularly interpreted! It’s almost like a picture the way you detailed the bubbles and the water currents within the wave. I am thoroughly amazed by the workmanship and it’s no wonder you won an…[Read more]

  • Newtons Wave

    The title is something I learned that Newtons theory about motion and gravity plus energy is how the name came about. Acrylic on Boxed framed Canvas and it is basically the first in the wave series I did. Its vibrant in color as I love color and the energy is hopefully shown in the…[Read more]

  • Succulent

    The detail on the stones are outstanding. I would love the colours on the succulent to be a little bit more deeper but I reckon that I would see an actual plant in real life and it would look similar. It really is a very good likeness in terms of proportion and colour![Read more]

  • there

    Stunning combination of different elements that definitely took so much time and effort to mix. It must have been a lot of fun experimenting with so many tools to produce a quirky masterpiece.

  • Saturday in the Park

    It’s such a simple yet poignant piece of art really. It’s nice to see how people are so at peace and calm when they are out amongst nature. I hope that people remember this feeling when all the trees are gone and the world is so polluted that we’re forced to stay indoors.[Read more]

  • subconscious subworld

    Nature is my favourite element to draw and in this illustration, the colour combination fills me with calmness. How the yellow of the sky signifies sunset and the blue waters displaying serenity truly make me feel warmth all over.

  • Afternoon Tea

    Vibrant colours are my way of expressing fun and excitement too and I bet that is exactly how you feel during your little tea parties. This painting is a clear rendition of how much you love your tea cups and tea sets which are perfect to hold fun and cozy tea sessions with your…[Read more]

  • 2pac

    Beautiful realistic illustration! I especially love the shadings on the face which are complex with multiple hues of neutral tones.

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