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  • Winter Morning, France

    I love looking at pictures like this of the country. Living in the city, it’s very rare that I would get to see such a wide expanse of land and air. But of course I’m blessed to be able to be able to drive out and explore our own countryside every once in a while. Very rarely…[Read more]

  • Winter Morning, France


  • let love go on

    Do you use any Batik techniques here? I see a few areas that are reminiscent to that sort of wax use. It’s a really lovely piece when you look individually at all of the different aspects and tonality and it seems like the more pieces you post here the more that we’re able to…[Read more]

  • let love go on

    I mark the box white, at times Caucasian, Not sure which is right, both cause me confusion, Born to this earth the youngest of six, Helpless, defenseless, no power to fix, Let’s say I am white, my face shows strong colors, German, Irish or God’s endless others, I hear I am pri…[Read more]

  • Monsteras 9

    Greenery never fails to amaze me. I always feel a sense of serenity whenever I look at them, be it in person or in beautiful paintings like this. The different green hues are so stunning that complement one another so well.

  • Monsteras 9

    A watercolour tropical leaf painting.
    This is one of my Palm House series of watercolour and acrylic works, inspired by the architecture and exotic tropical vegetation of the Sefton Park Palm House – a dome shaped Victorian iron glasshouse in Liverpool, England.
    [Read more]

  • The Wedge - Duck Dive

    Thanks for sharing indeed! I am amazed by how mankind can interact with Mother Nature within such close proximity to create such a stunning composition within just one shot.

  • Jelly Sea

    I reckon that it isn’t all that easy to catch the texture and the way that light plays on a jellyfish in the water. I think those technical aspects of drawing and colouring in light and shadow like that is really hard! This coming from someone who draws stick figures at best…[Read more]

  • Blue

    A simple façade of a very beautiful person. The different shades of green blend very well with one another which stand out against the pale pastel background.

  • Butterflies

    Butterflies are like living art which are too beautiful to miss. I love them too and I have several accessories which I collect or give away as gifts to my loved ones.

  • Encaustic Artwork

    This is truly beautiful. I’m really amazed to think how people can see in texture like this when here I am struggling to use colours to paint my walls. I might not have much artistic talent, but I thank God there are others out there like you who do and are able to capture the b…[Read more]

  • encaustic posing as life

    That’s a lovely piece of art. I am always in awe when I see how some people are able to contrast colours together like this. All of my drawings and doodles are so rudimentary and simple in comparison!

  • Low Tide

    I love seeing artwork that comes in a different format than your atypical paper sizes. The landscape dimensions of this painting is really quite mesmerising. It pulls your eyes across the length of the painting to enjoy all the different things that’s going on at the same time. Hope…[Read more]

  • Lost in the Dance

    Abstract art could be really tough to understand and analyze. Without accompanying captions, I could spend hours just trying to decipher the message that lies underneath and that is what art is all about.

  • Fire Spirit

    I’ve never gotten the hang of painting in real life. Like if you give me a digital program and ask me to sketch something, I might be able to get something decent out. It’s all because of the “undo” button I tell you, there’s just no take-backs when it comes to putting paint down on…[Read more]

  • Family farm old house

    I’m trying to decide if it’s a photograph or a drawing. Either way, you must be really proud of it to have it framed up and that’s what’s the most important isn’t it? I have a similar drawing that is not all THAT great but has lovely sentimental value for me because it was drawn b…[Read more]

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