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Savings for the student: top 4 ways to travel cheaply

Today we will begin a series of articles devoted to saving for the student, and the first guest will be, oddly enough, travel. All students use transportation in one way or another. Some have a hostel far from educational buildings, others live in an apartment that is not at all close, others just ride around the city). In any case, travel is a fairly significant part of a student’s expense, reaching thousands of rubles a month, or even more. So why not cut these costs in half? Yes Easy!



1. Travel card

The most obvious and first thing that comes to mind is a transport card, bingo! It looks different in different cities, but the meaning is the same. You buy a card, put a certain amount on it and ride at a discount on public transport. The discount usually reaches 50% , if you take Samara as an example, then a regular travel card costs 25 rubles for September 2018, and only 13 rubles for a student card, and this is really profitable. There are also unlimited cards, where you pay a fixed amount and ride as much as you like.

2. “Build a route”

It also seems to be a very obvious point, but I know a lot of people who make this mistake and do not even think about it. The meaning is simple, you need to get from point A to point B, look at the navigator (preferably more than one), the shortest route and compare it with your current one, this may surprise you. The smallest thing is that you will find the route faster, and maybe even without changes. Sign with a man who was rolling on its route with 2 transplants three years, and then it turned out that this route could pass straight at all without the need of a transplant, because it!


Savings for the student: top 4 ways to travel cheaply

3. “take a taxi”

Why, you ask, we are saving! The funny thing is that you can save a lot on a taxi. You need to go with your friends to the outskirts of the city, a bus ticket costs 80 rubles, a taxi costs 200 rubles, there are four of you. I hope everyone is good with the math and it is obvious that a taxi per person will be cheaper!

I will make a short digression from the topic of the article. As a student, you can not only save but also have extra income. For example, you can write homework for your classmates, as do online essay review service. There are a lot of such services recently. edubirdie is one of the most popular homework writing services among students. Students from even different countries turn to the services of this service.

Savings for the student: top 4 ways to travel cheaply

4. “Do you have a bike? Use it!”

Almost all universities have bicycles for parking, and if not, then you can always attach it to any convenient place, the main thing is to turn on your head. A bicycle is not only saving on transport, but also physical education as – in no way. Do not neglect this advice.

By following these very simple but effective tips, you can save on travel costs more than twice, or you may even give up public transport and change to two wheels or even walk!

In this article, we have considered only the basic rules for saving around the city, and you want to travel, but you have little money. Read about it in the next section “saving for the student”

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