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Margo Humphries



Margo Humphries

About Me

Margo Humphries is a visual artist who has been based in Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia, since 2003. Margo has held 5 solo exhibitions & is also at every Art Bazaar selling her colourful abstract & landscape paintings. Margo’s artworks are always responding to the hours available around family and work,  and her professional life has been in the area of marketing & administration, so this has assisted with the promotion of her artwork. In 2013 Margo painted the vibrant harbour city cover art, “Newcastle – vivid”, for the Newcastle University Choir’s first CD. Born & raised in Taree Margo began painting at a young age & when she was only 12 she entered the Walkom-Manning Art Prize where she won the “Children of the Manning” Youth Award with “Wingham Brush”. This was the first exhibition Margo entered. Margo was selected as one of 10 artists for the Mattara Festival’s Inaugural Outdoor Art Exhibition & her “Look up in the Sky Tonight” was draped over Newcastle Panthers in October 2011. 10 buildings participated in the art trail. In 2012 Margo’s T-Shirt Design, The Line Up, made the final 20 in Redbubble’s SXSW T-shirt Competition for New York band The Big Sleep. In the same year Margo joined the Hunter Arts Network committee as Publicity Officer. Margo has also been involved in many community projects including the 2002 Peoplescape project & designing & creating street banners for Victoria Street in Taree in 1996. Margo’s visual vocabulary has made her known for her painterly style & colourful canvases. The energy in her works appears to be limitless & she loves creating works that you could stare at for hours. For Margo, the creative voyage along the way is equally significant as the outcome. Licensing is available please contact 

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