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Manya Welch

About Me

“I’m an emerging visionary artist and I use vibrant colours to help convey messages of inspiration which I hope leaves the viewer feeling uplifted, hopeful and positive.The colour spectrum used in my paintings are my signature look for my artwork which is called ColourScopic Earth, through my paintings  I aim to depict what lies beyond the boundaries of physical sight and  use colour to create inspirational paintings of nature that I hope convey messages of hope, peace and positivity.

My style is contemporaryt and occassionally abstract but always visionary as I paint what I see in my mind’s eye and often my paintings are an expression of a message. The paintings are acrylic on canvas and by using vibrant colours I hope to fully immerse the viewer in a sea of colour that will make them feel uplifted and joyful.

I hope that my art can also inspire the viewer to believe in themselves, have hope and follow their dreams and to see the beauty that is all around.”

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