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About Me

MantraCare is a multi-specialty healthcare provider which aims to deliver a hassle-free surgical experience to all patients by leveraging technology, and a set of advanced operations and powerful processes. A Surgical Clinic for diseases such as Piles, fissures, Hernia, Kidney Stone, ENT conditions, etc. Get the most advanced daycare surgical hospital treatment with a hassle-free experience.

MantraCare is COVID 19 Safe

1- Our surgical centers are COVID safe2- Regular sanitization of clinic & hospital premises3- Immediate medical assistance through Online Consultation

Mantra Care: Multi Speciality Clinics for Elective Surgeries in India


PROCTOLOGYPiles | Fistula | Fissure | Pilonidal Sinus

LAPAROSCOPYHernia Treatment | Gallstone Treatment | Rectal Prolapse Treatment | Appendicitis Treatment | Hysterectomy

GYNAECOLOGYHysteroscopy | Female Genital Procedures | Vaginal Cyst | Irregular PeriodsHymenoplasty | Vaginal Discharge | Pap Smear

E.N.TSinusitis Treatment | Deviated Nasal Septum Treatment | Hearing Problem TreatmentTonsillitis Treatment | Adenoid Treatment

UROLOGYKidney Stone Treatment | Hydrocele | Phimosis | Cystoscopy

VASCULARVaricose Veins | Varicocele | Spider Veins | Uterine Fibroids |Diabetic Foot Ulcer

AESTHETICSGynecomastia | Hair Transplant | Liposuction | Breast SurgeryFace Lift | Hair fall PRP | Fillers

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COVID 19 Safety Measures

1- Treatment of patients in COVID safe surgical centers2- COVID test arranged for the surgical patients3- Regular screening of staff for COVID related symptoms4- Thermal screening of all the patients at the hospital entrance5- Orderly sanitization of all the medical equipment6- Surgeons equipped with PPE kits during surgery

Why Us?

1- Protection Against Corona2- Insurance Support3- Patient Care4- Advanced Medical Treatment

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