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Madison Tunnecliffe

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Hello, my name is Madison Tunnecliffe, and I work in an aesthetic salon. Our aim is to make your appearance beautiful and well-groomed. You can find out more about us at Do you dream of getting out of bed in the morning and not wearing makeup? For those who want the most expressive look tattooing is a fantastic alternative. It takes less than 15 minutes a day to apply eye makeup. The most popular technique for permanent makeup is to tattoo the intracorneal space. We asked an expert for his advice.

 For many years tattooing the eyebrows or lips has been in vogue. Many girls have resorted to this procedure to look bright and expressive, despite using cosmetics that are decorative. In the present, when a smooth lip contour is out of fashion, this procedure isn’t in as much fashion in beauty salons. Microblading as well as similar techniques are becoming more popular for eyebrows. Today, however, a particular trend is the tattoo of the inter eyelash space. the artist works on the inner upper eyelid and introduces a pigment in the growth zone of the lashes, filling the space between the lashes.

 The result is thicker and a lot of eyelashes. It’s not fake, but it does make the appearance more striking. The inter-eyelash tattoo that includes mascara is perfect for women with light lashes. If the procedure causes the person to have darker lashes the procedure still gives them a density.

 Yet, the old-fashioned method isn’t a guarantee to replace any eyeliner or pencil for instance, since the usual makeup we use does not go between our eyelashes as in a way, and more focus is paid to the eyes over the growth of lashes. The tattoo mezzanine space does not provide a complete substitute for eye makeup. It can however reduce the time required to apply makeup, and also simplify the process. The pigments that are applied make eyelashes appear healthier and thicker.


The lashes can appear longer when done correctly. The pigment applied is, of course, not permanent. The tattooed line stays on your eyelids for about 3-5 years and gets progressively less prominent. Even if you are not satisfied with the master’s work then the time will come when the applied pigment becomes indistinct and colorless. Tattoos can improve the look of eyes and lashes and even correct existing problems like droopy eyelids or asymmetry.

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