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Julia Richard



Julia Richard

About Me


I have always been a health enthusiast, which prompted me to pursue a degree in the field of health sciences. During the process of my education, I learned that most of the people do not take care of the little details of their diet, lifestyle and health aspects and then suffer due to that. I realized the importance of guiding the general public about changing their lifestyle, attitude towards living and diet, in order to live healthy lives.

I started my blog ‘Be Your Own Guide‘ and started sharing the tips and advice which could help the public to maintain a good lifestyle, along with health. After that, I began writing articles for renowned websites like The Washington Post, Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and many others as well. I believe that people should learn more and more about health and developments in the field and maintain themselves accordingly, instead of being careless and visiting doctors for their health issues.

This is an important reason that I started offering freelance services as well. You can also contact and ask me, “Can you write my essay for me,” if you are concerned about your health care course work.

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