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Julian G. Markley



Julian G. Markley

About Me

 Hi, my name is Julian G. Markley and I am a musician that composes music. My passion is music. I was raised by my parents to appreciate classical music, and they would take me to conservatories. However, for a young child like me classical music is an issue and is the primary reason why it’s popular with my friends. There are many songs that can be handed down through older siblings, parents or brothers. My sister from my past introduced me to electronic music. Or she could have given me a copy of the music in metal. I would have loved to have listened.

 The majority of people consume the average product – that’s what’s being played on radio, for example. I was once in a heated debate with the program director of the radio station. I attempted to convince her that music should be intriguing as well as challenging, but still accessible. Her position was different, saying that music with a simple style should be played on the radio and that listeners should find everything else for themselves. This is perhaps the most accurate representation of our current musical world. The radio product has dropped below artistic and musical standards of recent times. This is because of the relentless pursuit of ratings and profit. The more straightforward music is, the more demanded by the discerning public for it to be more intricate. The taste of music changes, and that’s how you go from simple to complex, if you’re a thinking person, then of course.

 Since I write music, I need to process it, so I turn to the professionals on the service Major Mixing, an online mastering service, launched in the year of 2019. By 2021, Major Mixing had become the most well-known service for mastering, utilized by independent artists as well as major labels.

 Major Mixing can be justifiable because the artist isn’t worried about the cost. No matter how much money is in his pocket, mastering doesn’t have to be expensive.

 It is also possible to return to the previous version if there is something wrong. Major Mixing does not restrict the variety or type of tracks that can be processed.

 It is easy to master Mastering Major Mixing You can sign up via Facebook, Google or e-mail and upload one or more tracks. Then wait for the results. Once the processing has been completed the service shows a preview of the track with the ability to check it against the uploaded original.


Major Mixing offers professional mixing and mastering solutions with highly trained engineers, as well as the necessary equipment.

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