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Cross Platform Mobile Development Cutting Costs While Addressing A Heterogeneous Base Of Mobile Users


The proliferation of mobile devices means there is more pressure on both businesses and developers for cross platform mobile development. A business cannot afford to target just the iOS platform and not target the Android OS or vice versa. Each and every popular platform needs to be targeted because audiences aren’t just using devices that run on particular operating systems. Mobile users from software development firm are heterogeneous and therefore it’s necessary that an app is developed for mobile that can work equally well on all devices irrespective of the platform they are using.


One of the biggest reasons why modern businesses are veering towards cross platform development is because it doesn’t burn a deep hole in their pockets. On the contrary, this type of development helps cut down costs.


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Let’s See How That Happens:


Cross platform development involves the use of various cross platform mobile development frameworks like PhoneGap, Appcelerator and others, which helps cut down on the time needed to develop these apps. This in turn decreases the costs of creating these apps. The use of cross- platform technologies has an inverse effect on the cost of app development. Also, the code developed by mobile app developer can act as a point of reference for other projects developed for either one of the many mobile OS platforms for which the original code was developed. In the event that businesses want to create a follow up app for one platform, the same code can be used as a launching pad. This is again something that helps save a lot of money.


Another area where you can save development cost is updates. Any update you make will be synced across all devices and platforms. More importantly, these changes can be pushed across all the platforms, quickly. And as they say, if you save time, you save a lot of money as well.


The fact that most frameworks are really very easy to use and made from dynamic or scripting languages, you really don’t need specialized expertise to create apps for the iPhone or your Android devices. This means developers with even very limited experience in developing mobile apps can create apps with relative ease and at the same time ensure these apps meet their client’s requirements and also the highest standards of functional excellence. The fact that you are not forced to hire mobile app developers who specialize in a particular OS or those who have a high degree of experience in the same, means your costs go down.


In the event that a business chooses to not go with cross platform mobile app development, and create a separate app for each device, it will need to pay through its nose for implementing security methods specific to the platform. This is a cost that comes down substantially while choosing cross platform software application development and mobile apps as app functionality remains the same across Android OS, iOS and any other mobile OS. This means different security measures aren’t needed, and the same methods can be employed across the board. Again, something that brings down the costs.


There are plenty of associated cost benefits of cross platform development but the benefit that scores over all others is that businesses don’t have to invest in a team of developers or for that matter hire developers that have experience and expertise pertinent to a particular mobile OS ecosystem. This leads to huge development savings.


The Wide Reach Guarantee


Cross platform development allows your brand to cover more ground. Your app’s presence is not limited to iOS devices or Android devices. Your app reaches out to users across diverse mobile OS, which means it reaches out to a wider heterogeneous base of mobile users. Both the Android and iOS are two very popular mobile OS and are competing with each other to become the top mobile OS in the world. So it makes perfect business sense for your app to be on your target users’ mobile devices, many of whom will be using either iOS or Android. Why take chances, developing an app that works equally well on both the iPhone and Android, ensures your business can experience strategic growth.


The benefits of cross platform development are incremental and also sustainable. There is a misplaced belief that this sort of development hampers the creation of really scalable apps with native functionality. But, this is a myth that must be dispelled as it is perfectly possible to develop native cross platform mobile apps from software engineering company that meet all client objectives. Also scalability is not an issue as businesses are developing enterprise mobility solutions using cross platform technologies. So, you really don’t need to worry at all. With cross platform development, you can cover all your bases and experience high returns on investment. It’s a future proofed mobile development strategy that is configured for business growth.


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A Word Of Caution


There is no denying that cross platform mobile development offers a host of cost benefits, but that’s only if you are able to pick the right developers for your needs. Yes, we did mention that you don’t have to hire developers who are experts in a particular ecosystem, but you definitely need to hire good developers for your project. Of course, you will save money, but that’s through a natural consequence of choosing to go with cross platform mobile development and check in out qa testing services. And, if you want to experience best benefits of this development process, you will need to work with developers who know their way round the various frameworks used for developing such apps. If you don’t work with the right developers, there is no way you can experience the benefits of cross platform development.



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